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nerve pain in hip

I have a pain in my hip it just comes out of nowhere and I can't put my foot to the ground without support. I don't think it's my sciatic nerve as it's at the front. I just wondered if anyone has had the same pain its a sharp stabbing pain. xxx

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Hi Kudos,

I have had some hip pain lately which appears and goes. Mine happens when walking and some times I get a pain in my foot as well. My physio says it's coming from me over using my thigh muscles when walking and not engaging my butt muscle to bring my leg forward (apparently it's common in cyclists and I use my exercise bike quite a bit).

The exercise she gave me is to stand with one leg stretching back about a step distance and to clench and relax that butt cheek slowly and repeatedly and then to swap legs. This is done several times a day and I have noticed a difference over the past month. Also when I am walking if the hip or foot starts to play up I stop and do the exercise briefly to wake the muscle up and get it working as I am walking this seems to do the trick.

Do you see a physio? If not it might be worth asking your GP for a referral.

All the best



I have pains through my hip too, but it's tendons rather than a nerve. It goes through my hip, and also goes down the outside of my thigh from my hip to about halfway between my hip and knee. As Ali_H has said, it's worth seeing a physio. If you don't have one your GP or consultant will either refer you or tell you how to refer yourself (depending what happens in your area)


Yes,yes,yes,and have mercy on you. I have experienced this pain on three occasions throughout the yeats. It was such excruciating pain. I was told from the pain specialist that it all stems from lower back nerves pressing on discs or something like that. I'm no doctor so that's the best way That I can describe it. However, the only relief was the lower back injections of steroids. ( it works every time) for a while anyway. Please see your doctor and good luck to you.



I also had something similar and it also turned out to be my lower back. I didn't have any pain in my back at all. I hope you get it sorted.


Thanks to everyone for the replies. It seems to be worse when I walk or change direction when standing. I've spent most of the day either sitting or walking very gingerly doing jobs around the house. I'm dreading having to go out and walk any distance as it takes me by surprise and makes me jump, and also anyone who happens to be near me. I'm going to try some gentle yoga now if it is a trapped nerve that just might help.xx


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