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Back pain

So the last few weeks ive had extremly bad back/hip and knee pain. It feels like all my back muscles have gone into spasm. I have also had a very stressful week and as a result woke up today with a full blown flare in my fingers, hands and wrists. Iam currently on plaquinel, methotrexate and natural meds tumeric, fish oil and glucosomine.

Has anyone experienced sever muscle spasms due to sore joints in your hips and spine?? The spine is the worst pain between the two its right where i had epidurals during child birth and iam sure they are all conected. My problem is my back muscles are so sore i struggle to go to work and having sick days isnt an option.

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Whenever I get stressed it flies to my back and knots it all up in spasm and severe pain. I have been going to an Alexander therapist who has helped a lot with this, so that now it doesn't last as long and I can often recognise that it is happening and lie down and stretch before it gets a grip. I have been taught to walk, get up and down from sitting, and work in a different way and that has also helped to prevent it. I'm sure that there are other ways of learning how to cope with it too, but learn to cope with it we have to!

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Check to see if your vitamin D blood levels are low in range or deficient, my hips pains, (thought I needed new hips,) lower back, tailbone pain, stiffness in getting up out of bed or chairs and leg pains all went overnight after supplementing with 5000iu vitamin D3.

Doctor found i was Vit D Deficient.

(85%+ of us are either low or deficient in Vitamin D here in UK and do not know it) My Doctor prescribed me only 1000iu of D3 for my deficiency only, (NOT FOR MY PAINS) but this was not enough as pains came back, I experimented and found out on the www.vitamindcouncil how much was a safe dose to take and now take 5000iu vit D3 to keep these pains away, they come back within the day if I forget to take my D3.

Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and many complain of aches and pains more in the winter months when there is not enough sun. Vit D3 helps joints and bones and is an anti inflammatory.

Not saying this is what you have Keryn, but might be a good idea to rule or check it out.


Glad you found something to help. I live in australia so deff not vit d defficant we have had the last 3 days of 40 degree heat. Yay for us


Oh! lucky you Keryn, we could do with a bit of heat over here in UK, :)

Darker skinned people can still have a vitamin D Deficiency. Apparently the darker skinned you are the more likely you are to have a vitamin d deficiency.Fair skinned people soak up more sun, so more vit D.


Oldtimer is right, we have to learn to cope. If days off aren't an option, can you get a massage from time to time? If you sit for long periods at work, can you break them by standing and moving/walking a little? I also got a targeted exercise program from a hospital physiotherapist. That has helped me the most. I hope you find a solution and wish you less pain.



Sorry to hear that things are not too good at the moment. Just wondered if you had heard of Back Care ? They have a good library of information which may be of interest to you

Best wishes



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