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pain pain and more pain

hi all have been in bad pain for about 10 days now so gave in and rung nurse spoke to a differnt nurse ,asked if i could have a steroid jab as couldnt cope with pain no more and was now making me cry welllll we dont give them out willy nilly you know reply. asked when last one was 8 months so having one this week ,i hurt that much today it felt like even my teeth hurt , but the laff is i have to have bloods before jab and had to go to the same hospital today feeling like c... only to have to go back to same hosp for jab dont know why gps cant do it still pleased im getting it boooooooom lol

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Hello BOB here,

What is your treatment regime ??, MAY HAVE SUGGESTIONS



hi bob i am on metho and full whack sulpha tramadol when needed hope this helps


Hi, I am so lucky with my GP. I go each Sat to see him, a month ago I went and was in terrible pain, I was crying like yourself. He have me a prescription to get on that day and told me to,come back the next day (Sunday) he then gave me the steroid injection. I really am very lucky because that pain is absolutely awful so i am sorry for you...I hope you have some respite soon..take care..Maryx


ty truly hope so friday tyxxxx


I hope that you soon have some relief, I had a double steroid injection last Friday and it's starting to ease things a bit now. It's a shame that the hospital weren't able to co-ordinate your appts into one - it's normally the same nurses doing both things!

Gentle hugs,

Cece x


no blood dept is seperate from rheumy dept which normally aint a prob but feel so ruff hey ho on we go lol ty


Well just think by the weekend, new woman ! Lol but I do really hope so for you , mine kick In quickly xx



Hope you get some relief soon, I have been there recently. My rheumy team are really good and will offer the steroid injection on a regular basis. It seems very harsh to make you wait so long .If the Dmards are not controlling your RA have the biologics been discussed.I got the go ahead today for the biologics after 2 years of my RA responding to the methotrexate and sulpha.

wishing you luck.

Lorraine x


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