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Can anybody help me? For the last couple of weeks I have been struggling with permanent stiff knees and now my shoulders and elbows and wrists and fingers have joined the party! I cannot get through to rheumy helpline (just keep leaving messages) so I looked on internet and it says I maybe having a flare?? It also says its important at this time to reduce the inflammation so my question is do anti inflamms actually do that? I only usually take them for pain relief and because Iam sore and achey I would rather just take paracetamol and keep antinflamms for worse pain. Sorry to go on and on hope everyone is having a better day xxxx

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  • I think anti inflams are very important when you are inflamed Treesha - which it certainly sounds as though you are. Could you go and see your GP instead and see which ones they advise if you're not sure? Ask them to check your inflammatory markers too. I have a flare list from my GP which has Amitriptyline (which I take daily anyhow but for flare move up a dose). Tramadol (which I haven't yet tried) and Naproxen which is the most important as it's an anti-inflammatory. If you can't get to see your GP or speak to rheumy nurse I would say you should certainly be taking ibuprofen or Naproxen which ever you have available - Naroxen is 3 a day with food and Ibuprofen is 4 x 400mg capsules a day.

    If you have some stomach protector then be sure to take that daily too and otherwise stick to having them with food and try and get the liquid gel ones as they help with tummy. But all this depends which DMARDs you are on so really advise you to check with your GP first even if it's just by phone and you can always double check with your pharmacist. I'm really stiff and achy myself today and as it's my MTX day and I'm going down a dose I do understand how you feel. Good luck. TTx

  • Thanks Tilda, I am at gps on friday to see nurse so will enquire . I have now been switched to gp for blood monitoring and prescriptions. The rheumy team just never answer the phone!! Thank goodness for my RA friends xxx

  • Anti inflammatories as the name suggests are for treating inflammation, try also warm baths or wheat bags to help ease joints xx

  • Thanks summer , I always thought that was the case,my consultant just calls them pain killers that's why I was a bit confused. To me paracetamol or codeine and such are pk's And ibuprofen are anti inflamms. Anyway I have just taken some celebrex and will have a hot bath and go to bed with a book, hubby's watching football ! Thanks again xxxx

  • Also ice packs help reduce inflammation too. Maybe not as cuddly as warm wheat packs, but icing for 10 minutes every hour can work wonders along with the anti-inflammatories. Px

  • Thanks helix I will try ice packs when I get home from work.I will also keep trying to reach rheumy nurse!! Xxxx

  • If your rheumy team are not answering the help line phone could you try going through the main number for your hospital and ask to speak to your rheumy consultants secretary? Ask her (him ?) if someone can call you back - at least you know that someone has actually got the message.

    I've done this several times (not only when it's been my rheumy team I need to speak to) and have found the secretaries very helpful.


  • Thanks Judi I will give that a go xxxx

  • If you can't get hold of your rheumy nurse give the consultants secretary a ring and explain your situation and the problem you have had with contacting the team. Wendy x

  • Hi There

    Its a flare and my advice would be to take a strong pain killer like tramadol whilst it does tend to make people over tired but its very effective with flares. But beware don't rely on them to much as they disturb sleep patterns so you end up feeling like turning night in to day. Use other pain killers from time to time like paracetomol which won't interfere with your anti inflamatories. It might be an idea to see your GP to try another drug for your RA. Good Luck

    Regards Jezza

  • Thanks jezza I've just had a call back from rheumy nurse and she has booked me in for a steroid jab tomorrow so that should help I will take some tabs today though just to get me through work. Thanks again xxxx

  • Hi Treesha, You would be wise to take an anti-inflammatory, or one of the DMARDs daily as a preventative. Normally, they are prescribed that way. Prevention of joint and bone damage is critical, you can't reverse damage once it has occured. Plus, if you are working, it will help keep you working, and still be able to enjoy your family. Anti-inflammatories are not meant to be taken as a pain killer, they are intended to be a reguilar part of RA treatment. Taken with a painkiller, such as acetominophen( excuse my USA terminology) and/or tramadol, you should be comfortable.

    So, when you see the consultant, push for the daily dose of an anti-inflammatory drug, along with pain killer as needed. All the best, Loretxxxx

  • Thanks Loret, I feel worse than ever today thankfully I am having a steroid injection tomorrow. How are you since your operation? Hope you're recovering well. Hugs from across the pond take care xxxxxx

  • Hi Treesha

    Anti flams reduce inflammatiom and the accompanying pain, although in a flare you would also need to take additional pain relief.

    Like Tilda I have anti flams that I take when needed or daily and I step up to a higher dose when I am flaring ( I take arcoxia 90mg & 120mg when in a flare).

    The Arcoxia 120 mg is a god send when I am flaring as it does work and usually reduces the stiffness and pain within 4 days.

    Go back to your gp and ask for stronger antiflams as you are flaring. That was how I got arcoxia, I was previously taking naxproxen, but I found that arcoxia was better for me.

    Good luck and I hope the pain and swelling reduces for you soon

    Sci x

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