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Bats in a hospital again

Low blood sodium again. I was on my way back to my bedroom from the kitchen when all of a sudden I felt like the world dropped down a hole in front of me. I tried to get to my room, but passed out before I made it. I was found face-down with my arms beside me, and dh thought I'd had a seizure. I came round quite soon, which is not normal for a seizure, but since I was dh and I thought it would be safe to get me to bed. It wasn't. As soon as I got vertical I collapsed, then again. He was calling 911 when I came to.

My blood sodium was at 31, when normal runs around 131. They put me on saline, but raised the level too quickly, which affects the brain (yay). Luckily the hospitalist knew the nephrologist, who adjusted my salts and water intake carefully. This, btw, is an annoying process that included measuring my urine output.

As that improved it became clear that I've sustained another (expletive expletive expletive) concussion. I'm using a walker until I stop wobbling, which means I can't use my white cane. Now I really *feel* blind.

The final conclusion was that I'd gotten very dehydrated, perhaps from too much coffee and too little food, I don't know. So now I have the sodium version of diabetes. I can't get too thirsty because that drops blood sodium, but I can't drink too much, either.

Spring is coming, so the weather is changeable as it can be. My fibro is going nuts, my hands feel like they've been dipped in hot glue, and I....

I am too tired to fight, today. MTX was yesterday, rain today. I give up. Don't be alarmed, I only give up for today. Beloved brought Thai food for me, and he and I are going to watch a movie together. Assuming I can. I'm not online a lot because screens hurt my head after too long, just like light and sound and every bloody thing the world can come up with. With pain and the concussion comes PTSD flashbacks and nightmares, and on Monday I'm going to seek some counselling for that. For today, I give. I am going to take my meds for the evening and try my damnedest to remember that I am resilient, I can't help but think that somewhere there is someone who thinks this is hilarious, and just keeps piling the crap on. I'm so weary.


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Ooh Azabat how awful and how scary for you. At least you were hospitalised and attended to fairly quickly.

I admire your spirit looking forward to spring etc and seeing the positives.Its difficult sometimes.

Glad you have been put back on the rightbtrack and I hope it goes well from here on for you.

I am a diabetic and in 11 years I experienced my first hypo.a couple of weeks back.Never had one before so didnt know what to expect.Hubby and I thought I was having a stroke .Paramedics turned up and assured me it wasnt and took me off to be checked out at hospital but it all changed so quickly and I Can understand how frightening it all must have been for you.

Please take care of yourself.




Oh my darling bless you, you really are in a bad way my lovely. I wish there was something you can do to help your situation,but your at the mercy of your body all the time aren't you my lovely. Will you have to get a service dog now one of those that can sniff out when your going to collapse. Sending all the love to you my darling from me with the rainbow hair.....

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It's good to hear from you but not good to hear that your going through so much. Take time out today & start again tomorrow. X


Sorry to hear this, it must have been so frightening. Hope you get sorted soon and get the medical help and counselling you require. You are so strong and do everything you can to help yourself when you have so much to cope with, I really admire you for that. Best wishes, take care.

Sue XX


Oh poor you I feel for you. Give in for today and rest, do what ve you want to do. Hugs to you and I hope you feel better soon. Is the low sodium a sid effect of methotrexate? Xx

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Poorest you Bats. So glad your passion for and brilliance with words continues unabated though. I'm not that knowledgeable about this really but I have friends with Lupus and Sjogrens who have PoTS as part of their connective tissue diseases. Also associated with Diabetes and MS I believe. They too speak about the need for more salt (Himalayan rock salt it supposed to be very good) in their diets and sipping water frequently rather than glugging it down in bursts.

Could it be PoTS that is affecting you I wonder? X


Sending all good wishes to you and hope you are better soon. 💐🤗🌹


You are such a wonderful brace person I hope you feel better soon where do you live? It would be great if everyone could meet up once


Aw sweetheart you are in the wars. Just feel awful.

I've been the same lol collapsed with sepsis and in hospital. But getting sorted out.

What a pair. X


Hi Bats, What a rotten time you are having, hopefully you can rest and recover in time. I had a terrible time after dislocating my hip and being in hospital where I became very ill, delirious and quite 'out of it' for several months before I was diagnosed with something to do with my calcium levels and drugs were sorted. I was in hospital for 6 months before coming home to be looked after by my dear, long suffering husband. Now, even though I still have my bed in the sitting room and my husband sleeps on the floor so that he is available to help me in the night. life goes on. I realise that I have to be thankful to my nearest and dearest and owe it to them to make the best of my life however disabled I am and how useless I feel. I wish you well Carol xxx


Bless your sweet heart. I wish I had a magic wand to wave and make it all better for you. Unfortunately, I'm no fairy so will just have to wish you a speedy recovery and virtual hugs



Hi Bats,

So sorry to hear that you are having a real tough time at the moment. It must be so, so scary for you. You are such a fighter Bats, I don't know how you do it, but you will bounce back and expect to see your next post saying how much better you are! Sending you lots of love and gentle hugs. x


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