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Well sunday AGAIN ,,

Well it sunday and last night I went ot a friends 50th birthday, and..... i had a little dance , well more of a wiggle really but loved it , Hands hurting but not too much and when my knee and back started to send the message STOP I did , but it was worth it , felt "normal" ish . Today tired , Neck and lower back hurting and hands stiff and painful but not swollen which is good,

My daughter came over to help me get ready to go to party as i have problem changing clothes not worn tights for years , and end up getting all tied up and just want ot rip it off but wanted to wear tights , a dress and some not toooo flat shoes . well even with my daughters help, and feeling shattered , gave up went back to my trousers and a glittery top and flatis shoes, Dress thrown on bed when i got it off,. But I really enjoyed it and worth the effort , have given up before now with trying to find something to wear that endedd up not going as was exhusted by time ready .

Have been told today christmas party on the horizen, mmm if start looking now , may be happy with what to wear first time lol, ok back to cuppa then town to see real reindeer. who have landed on our sea front . interesting lol


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It isn't xmas yet what santa doing there, is he coning early to your part of the world. I'm glad you had a good time last night,it doesn't half do you good when you get dressed up. I'm going to birminghan next saturday as my daughter is taking the standard to a tattoo at the nia. It will be a long day and its worrying me how i'll manage it. I've got hubby to take care of me,while grace rhearse for the show that starts at 6pm.She has to be there for 1pm so whar we'll do until six heavens knows. The german market is on,thats if we can get close to the stalls, i'm in a scooter so i don't suppose i'll see much.

Take care, sylvi. xx


Well done Pam on making the effort with the dancing & glitter, a bit of fun is always a good tonic, even if we pay afterwards.

Keep up the festive spirit.

xx Gina.



I am so glad you mentioned the fight with tights. I find them a problem also and yes it takes ages and I get tirred and have to rest on the bed also. I have just completed the dla form and on that secion I have put it can take up to 20 - 30 mins to put on hosiery, because of the resting in between. I to wear trousers alot since being diagnosed and get around with pop socks. You don't have to pull them right up the lower leg.

Glad you made the effort and went to your party. I am still undecided if I am going to my work's do - the idea of dressing up and being tired fills me with dread. For me it easier to say no. Besides hubby won't be there and they will all be scrutinising me as I am still signed of from work. Think I will give it a miss this year.

Hope you are not too sore & recover quickly

Take care

Sci x


good on you Pam for getting out there - it is good when you make the effort and it is enjoyable - i have the same problem with tights - i look like a bag lady now as i can only seem to put on clothes that are really loose as arm and leg movements are restricted.


Right ladies, hope this will help those tights problem,you can get a thingy to help you put them on its called 1,stocking frame, 2,compression stocking fitter, the first one costs £16.00 the second one costs £28.50 you can get them from a company called cosyfeet. or on

Hope this is of some help. sylvi. xxx


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