HI All Just a quick one, i sent my form back for my pip claim on the 23 Feb i have not had anything back yet. Should i have got a call to say they had received my claim. It was sent recorded. Thanks.

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  • I didn't Get a call. You can always call the dwp to check but if it was recorded it should have got there. I think mine took a month .

  • Thanks, just seen others got calls. How long for face to face, and did you get time to plan it.

  • I got a call before my form. Submitted my form then about 6 weeks later gi t a date for assessment a month later x

  • Which way did you send your application form (Royal Mail don't do Recorded Delivery as far as I'm aware). If it was Signed For both 1st & 2nd class you can check online when it was delivered & who signed for it. Same for Special Delivery, the better option for documents.

  • Just had a look and they got it so now the wait. Many Thanks x

  • Good, so yes it's just waiting now. I see you were able to send it back before time, has baby arrived?

  • Oh yes mum and baby all good thank you. Baby boy Jordi.

  • Aw lovely. Congratulations, I'm pleased mum & Jordi are doing well.

    I omitted to say I got a text when they received mine but I don't think that's always the case, quite why I don't know.

  • Congratulations xxxxx

  • I received a text to say they had received all my information after face to face in all from start to completion took 6weeks

  • I think I received a txt to let me know the forms had arrived

    It took about 4-6 weeks for the assessment which I had in late February but haven't heard anything yet

  • Don't hold your breath! I sent mine back in October and received a letter last week with a date for an assessment..for 23rd March! The process seems to take forever so I wouldn't worry too much yet! Frankie 63

  • Morning Blueboy! Just to update you on my PIP...After waiting since October I received an appointment for an assessment..miles away, as usual! I turned up 15 minutes early, sat there for half hour, only to be told that the Healthcare Professional I was due to see had been called out to an emergency and would not be back for a good 3 hours!!! Would I (and my friend) like to wait or make another appointment?? So angry, especially as you get another appointment letter saying that if you miss this one, your usual ESA will be affected?? One rule for them..one rule for us I think?? I sincerely hope that you have had more success with them than I have? Hope you're feeling better too? :-)

    Frankie 63

  • Gosh that is not good, not had anything back as yet. How do they get away with it, how far did you have to go. Have you got another one yet? i am not looking forward to mine keep thinking every day i will get it. When you got your letter to go how many days did they give you to get sorted. Feel for you Frankie hope your not to bad, i will let you know when i get mine. xxx

  • Hi there! I was only given one weeks notice from receiving the letter until the appointment. I say that it was far away, it was in towards London and obviously the nearer to the city you go, the more difficult everything is!! My next appointment is for April 10th so we'll see. Have you not received any appointment yet? I am of the opinion that, with these people, the more you contact them, the more difficult they will make it for you? They aren't the easiest department to deal with!! I've seen people with disabilities which are blatantly obvious, and even they aren't being awarded PIP. Fingers crossed for you that you hear something very but, once again,...don't hold your breath!! Frankie 63

  • I do hope so, just want to get on with my life the best i can, same for you. I will struggle with out it, but feel like telling then to keep it. Feel for people that they are doing this to. My husband has MS and he also will have to go through this. Keep me up dated with yours , wish you the best of luck, i am not holding out to get it. Start MTX Tomorrow to see if it helps any, many years ago i tried it and made me very sick, so will see. Big Hug. xx

  • I hope it goes well for you and your husband! They can be very callous so you just have to be strong and stand up for yourselves!! That's ironic..you're going back on mtx tomorrow...so am I!! Although I have only been off it for 2 weeks as I had to have a PET scan and I had to be mtx free!! You say you were on it before and it made you very sick 😷? Do you take folic acid with it? I take it once a week but I also have cyclizine 3 times a day and it really does work for the sickness! Ask your GP for it!! Good luck 🍀 for tomorrow with the mtx!! I noticed that my pain was so much worse in the two weeks without it..it must be doing something!! Take care and big hug back!! Frankie 63 (Maria)

  • Yes have to take the folic acid day after, thanks will ask GP for the cyclizine. I am also on sulfa. So will take the 2 together. Good luck with everything. xx

  • You too! Hope everything goes well for you both xx

  • Oh it's good to here you guys are getting a face to face within 6 weeks. I applied 3 years ago. I took a whole year for me to be seen and by the time I did I was some what in a better place. I didn't get pip but something to bare in mind if I'm ever Ineed need again.

  • I sent my PIP bundle back at the beginning of Feb, I phoned a week later and they confirmed it was scanned onto the system on 14th Feb. Had a phone call last Monday offering a short notice F2F assessment for Monday just gone, to a physio place 20 miles away. As husband needs to arrange time off work, I refused that one and the lady said that's ok, you'll get an appointment in the post ....... nothing yet. I rather hoped, as probably everyone does, they would do a paper assessment.

  • Oh god that would be good to get one of them but don't think so. I have tried to put it at back of my mind but finding it very hard. x Thank you. x

  • I got a text to confirm receipt

  • it took mine about 2 months before I received a letter from atos with an appointment date, not bothering to check before when I had an hospital appointment. The DWP don't tell you nthey have done it, just a letter out of the blue, they have my phone number, why not call first and yet they have done it again and again, with exactly the same response "I can't attend on that date". Good luck the nightmare has just started and remember the assessment is NOT a job interview, they are there to refuse, not help, so when you go, it is always on your bad day and behave accordingly.

  • Thank you, i am not looking forward to it, but what can we do. Hope your well. xxx

  • Good luck, I have another one myself this Friday

  • Have a look on the Benefits & Work website, although you probably need to be a member to access the PIP Guides. They have a long list of the things the F2F assessor looks for apart from your health issues:-

    your appearance, are you clean and tidy

    skin tone

    your manner

    your mood

    if you smile and appear relaxed

    Brings to mind I, Daniel Blake!

  • Oh no i am dreading all this wish i could just say i don't want it. x

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