Itchy face rash !!

Hi just wondering if anyone has itchy face rash like me, its getting so bad i scratch till im bleeding even while im at work, for some reason the sun makes it worse and my face goes bright red almost instantly i never used to be this way, all these symptoms stopped while i was on prednisolone but ive to wait til appt wiv rheumy for more meds is there anything i can do or buy so i dont look so awful ?

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  • Hi the same happened to me just before Christmas and I've been diagnosed with Lupus as well as RA. The rash came up over night and looked terrible. I was told by my rheumatology nurse it can sometimes be drug induced so I've been taken off biological and just take MTX.


  • Hi Trish, i wondered if i might have lupus they did test me a long while ago but was neg, do u use any creams for it ?

  • I've tried a few different creams but they seemed to make the rash worse . So I just try to keep it moisturised with Nivea. My skin has become really dry since I was diagnosed. I would ask for another Lupus test if I were you on case it's changed for you now.


  • I know when I had breast cancer and was getting radiation and the skin became very itchy and dry I was recommended to use Glaxal cream, it is for very dry skin, you could also try some tea tree essential with it, but make sure it is pure and no additives Tea tree is great for the skin. also lavender essential oil. or Cypress.

  • Ok ill see if these work 4 me thanku both xx

  • I think you should notify your GP about this. All the best to you

  • Hi Blondie! Just thought I would jump Rheumy warned me that the sun might cause a butterfly Lupus rash... maybe you somehow got too much sun? Just a thought...I'm so sorry you have to deal with that, it sounds horrible. All the best luck that it disappears!


  • Hi ive been awake since 3.30am scratching ! Im working tonight till 1am at least it"ll be dark i look scary , im hoping when i get meds for ra sorted it will help wiv all the other odd symptoms ive got i think i have quite a few auto immune problems , thanks for reply take care xx

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