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well last day of 7 days of anti biotics

well it did get the cold sores down or what ever theey are but they are feeling like thay are on the way back blue again this morning please dont go cold again. Its begining to feel like these antibiotic are being got used to and this thing is finding a way round it now but hell or high im going shopping today and dinner out. i tried some thinking i was given on here to mesure the ph value of urine with them sticks to see if my water was acidic. AND GESS WHAT YES THEY HAVE SHOWN IT TO BE 6 ON THE MARKERS WHICH IS GOOD FOR A 66 YEAR OLD SO NOTHING WRONG THEIR EITHER.

So how comer im getting all this lumps in fingers hips on better leg hurting and red and blue big toes and im normal? is it sporatic atheritus i am at a loss Go back to docs next week cos he said come back after a fortnight.

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Wait until you see the dr. before you go speculating darling.xxxxx

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