Different kinds of anti inflammatories

Hi I can't take ibuprofen, naproxen or steroids but wondered if anyone was on any other anti inflammatories that I can suggest to the doctor as I am in so much pain :(

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  • Have you tried Tramadol?

  • Allergic to tramadol sadly. Sends me paranoid :)

  • simba is tramadol a inflammatary maryxx

  • No Mary, it only helps with pain.

  • i take naproxen but it dosnt do much lol mary xx

  • Naproxen is an anti inflammatory. The thing is that it does usually work for some time then it sort of stops working. Perhaps if you just take it for short periods of time it will not lose it's effect. I used it in the beginning and it was really effective, now I need less pain medication and take an occasional ibuprofen that helps. Will try Naproxen again if needed and see if it has regained its power. Trying hard to get rid of the Nasids.:)

  • Naproxen is one of the most often prescribed & some find it helps but it didn't help me at all. Do tell your Rheumy Mary, there are others he can prescribe. I'm on my 5th, etoricoxib.

  • hello nomoreheels hope u doing ok i was at hosp yesterdy had depo inject for pain and now started back on the methotrexate also they want me back on the bio medicines havent told me yet what one you was so right when u said i wouldnt get along without my meds learnt the hard way also having b12 injections yes wasnt sure why i was having tramadol and naproxen was offered sulfalazine but stomache cant take them so here we go again was fine for a while but all came crashing down hope u r ok and your doggie mary xx

  • I hope now you're back on MTX you start noticing some improvement soon Mary. Fingers crossed you'll start a biologic in the not too distant future..... that may be why they've reinstated the MTX, I believe it works well in combination with some biologics so a good sign I'd say!

    I'm not too bad thanks for asking. Can't say the same for doggies though, one's busy on squirrel watch & the other's transfixed with the sea, trouble is it's a long way out when she has her walk at the mo!! x 😱

  • thank u for information yes it sounds like its going that way dogs never fail to amuse with there funny little ways what would we do without them lol glad things not to bad with u keep it up mary xx

  • Clint Paddison recommends Methotrxate. You could also try leaving gluten, dairy and sugar from your diet, decreases often inflammation and pain.

  • I have meloxicam

    I can't take other anti inflammatory due to asthma

  • I was the same, everything gave me horrendous indigestion, even with prescribed tabs to stop it. I've been on Nabumetone for years now and they are brilliant. Only very occasionally do I get a touch of heartburn, dose of Gaviscon and its gone. It's known as the best for stomachs. There is no painrelief in it, it is an anti inflammatory. I have problems with most pain relief, so I have to be careful whats in everything.

    But NABUMETONE. Mention that one to your Dr, hope it helps x

  • I take arcoxia, 90mgs per day. I didn't think that it did much but it must do as I am so aware when I've forgotten to take it?

    Tramadol, as has been pointed out is not an anti inflammatory but an anelgesic ( pain killer).

    I hope you find something soon that suits.


  • Eiram50, Apologies for jumping on this but I also take Arcoxia. The guidelines recently changed for prescribing this, and they've changed the safe daily limit to 60mg a day. Might want to double check your dosage is ok with your consultant/GP/pharmacist.

    I was never convinced that Arcoxia was doing anything for me but had to come off it for a few days last week whilst I had some investigations done and have noticed that my knees are more painful again (although nothing in comparison to what it used to be) so they must be doing something!! I also used to take Diclofenac.

  • Thanks for that mhairi

    I also took diclofenic many moons ago but those didn't seem to help in any way. I was aware of the change re Prescribing arcoxia at 90mg however, consultant feels I need to stay on it at 90.

    Maybe I should press further as to a reason why?


  • Do we know why it the reduction has been recommended ?

  • My 90mg Arcoxia (etoricoxib) was reduced to 60mg in Dec Marie. The reason I was told was it was a directive following a risk/benefit trial the MAH had to do as COX-2 NSAIDs can cause quite serious trouble if not managed correctly. From the trial it was found that 60mg was still effective for RD & of course reducing the dose also reduces the risks. I was told though if I found 60mg wasn't helping I could go back up to 90mg until the inflammation died down again then go back on 60mg. I seem to be ok so far on the lower dose, no great increase in inflammation. I think anyone started on Arcoxia now is prescribed 60mg initially not the 90mg most of us were started on.

  • Thank you NMh. Since diagnosis, my condition has remained constantly active and so far, nothing has been able to get it under control . I have now tried various dmards, biologics etc, to no avail. Nothing has yet slowed the progression down and damage is taking place at quite an alarming rate. As you probably have read, since being diagnosed just over two years ago, I've had both hips replaced, both knees replaced, toes pinned , tendons rattached and now my elbows need replaced too. My spine is fused at the bottom and now my neck too so I am wondering if he has chosen to keep me on it as a way on trying to control the severe inflammation ?

    Not sure but what I feel is that if safer, I'd be happy to go down to the 60mg and see where that left me.

    Getting quite fed up of taking so many heavy drugs and not yet seeing any significant improvement.

    Again, thanks for the response and advice.

    Hoping you and your husband are well.


  • Yes, I've read that you have a particularly rampant form so I'm sure your Rheumy prescribes as he thinks appropriate for you everything considered. No harm asking if you want to but I would think he's throwing everything at it to try & slow it down to stop damage & the need for yet more replacements.

  • Most likely. I'll re

    Visit it with him

    And see what he says. Other than this, like

    Everyone else here, I'll just keep

    Going and hoping for positive change.

  • Hopefully it won't be long in coming for you, it's just finding the correct combination so everything's crossed that it's soon.

  • Thank you, I appreciate that.


  • That sounds awful. Sorry, hope I haven't worried you about the dosage, just wasn't sure if you knew about it. I was put on 90mg daily initially, then they put me onto 60mg but told me I could take 90mg if I was going through a rough patch. Here's hoping they find a concoction that works for you soon.

  • Thanks mhairi.

  • Re attached -

    Sorry, typo!

  • I can't take NSAIDs so I end up on steroids. They are not the best but they take the inflammation down.


  • I've tried naproxen, celecoxib, nabumetone & meloxicam but the longest serving has been etoricoxib, brand name Arcoxia. It's been the best by far, I've taken it for over 5 years but I have to have an annual cardiovascular check to ensure I can stay on it.

    I hope your Rheumy will be able to recommend one you can tolerate, or have other options for you.

  • I was given Lodine with a ppi which was great but not to be taken long term although I was on it for about 8 months. I believe it needs to be taken with caution

  • I take celecoxib 200mg morning/night, couldn't live without it. Been on it for four years, I take lamaprazole for any stomach issues. Even though I'm on steroids and biologic I notice if I miss a dose.

  • Nefopam. A new GP gave me this because I have no joy with all the usual painkillers. Naproxen worked but triggered my mild asthma so badly I was on a nebuliser. You don't need to take it regularly for it to work, just take it when you need it.

    Good luck xx

  • Sorry your having a hard time, I am trying turmeric 500mg x2 daily. I am not saying its brilliant but it seems to be helping somewhat . I am still getting pain and discomfort, but I feel less restricted. I am not taking anti inflamtories on a regualar bases now, warmest craig

  • GP has ruled out me taking anti inflammatories and I have been prescribed gabapentin.

  • Hi - I've tried most but there are 2 groups: cox 1 and cox2. I'm currently taking etoricoxib (Aroxia) which is from the cox2 group.

  • Omg so harsh that you find it so difficult to find something to help u....how bout morphine??? Amtitripline???

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