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A different way of looking at food


Hi everyone,

Like most people with RA I have terrible fatigue which my GP and Consultant tell me it's all part of having the disease but there's nothing they can do. So I've just carried on, pacing everything, avoiding social events because I know it'll not work out in my favour, reducing the length of my day etc...

However, I've just been watching Dr Eric Berg on you tube. He's written a book and has created a few VLOGS to explain why changing our diet doesn't lead to weight loss. But, more importantly, he explains how changing our diet in the right way can lead to enormous health benefits, such as reducing fatigue! I'd recommend taking a look at what he says - no harm as it's free.

Before I launch myself into trying this out, starting in 2019, I was just wondering if anybody else has tried his approach, and has it made a significant difference?

And, would anyone else be interested in exploring this with me in 2019, for support and to share what's working well and what isn't?

Meanwhile, I'll be asking my kids for his book for Xmas and making notes.

Thank you


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I don't know about that particular diet, but my view is anything is worth a bash.

Good luck with it.

If it helps give it a bash nothing to lose, I've found a big difference health wise since I started eating healthy and go to the gym most days plus classes 2 a week, the only thing that's giving me problems at the moment is my hands and I'm going to get steroid injections in the joints on my knuckles next week but it doesn't stop me exercising as I try to push through the pain threshold xx

There us nothing to lose, but possibly something to gain by giving it a go, so good luck.

Fatigue has been my bug bear too, but MTX seems to be helping. Fingers crossed.

Thank you for this information. I am also struggling with Fatigue.

Yes I too have been reading like mad and watching you tube vids. I found a fantastic guy on YouTube called Dr John Bergman he’s really up beat and has made me feel very positive. But today I’m going to be really naughty and eat some streaky bacon 😀

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