Dentist day today a different one lets see what they make of it


Well yesterday was a hellish day i could not get the old legs and ankles to get me going and at night i sweat again. Funny as it may be i took last night half a sleeping tablet of a freind and no sweating in bed ive done this twice now with the same outcome.

My feet yesterday where numb and would not warm up im thinking it was because of the walk of one mile that i tried to do and that was payback time yesterday so today im going to take it easy even though im aching all over the show All blods back normaln but it is something like enthesis this to me ligaments are like no use to me in my ankles Hope everyone on here is having a better day of it OH HOW I WOULD LOVE TO GO BACK 12 MONTHS AND GET UP IN THE MORNING AND DO A 4 MILE WALK BEFORE THIS HIT AGAIN,

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  • I wish that there was a magic wand that would undiscover this horridious disease and wipe it off the face of the planet.

    I wish that I could go back to being 20 when I had no problems. I grew into everything as an adult.


  • re posted on teeth bit of a con other dentist i used to go to

  • Wish you could get some proper answers xx feel better soon x

  • re posted on teeth bit of a con other dentist i used to go to

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