all good things!!

Last night it came sneaking like thieve in the dark. I am back it announced as it swung a hammer against my left knee joint, pain was enough to wake me!!

So it has returned, still taking the turmeric, now augmented with MTX 20mg and a increase in the dreaded Tramadol,steroids, cebrix. I suppose I cannot complain, well no one is listening lol. Had a reasonably run for the money, and I haven't been as snappy as alligator with toothache, will still carry on taking the herbal/spice remied as well as the modern stuff and see were its going.

I am moving more freely since I started the turmeric, though sleep still avoids me, and the pain last night was topping 9, neck is sore along with feet, knees, and toes!!

will update as it goes, as we all know flares have mind of their own better suited to the Spanish inquisition than the Christmas fairy.

love to one and all Craig

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  • That's rubbish. I'm dreading having another flare. Keeping everything crossed it doesn't happen again. Hopefully this flare will go away as quickly as it came on for you. Take care.

  • Morning Craig(i won't say good darling) I wish i could say something that would ease your suffering,but sadly i can't. What i can do is send oodles of hugs through the internet and hope it helps.

    Could you please tell me(sorry if i am showing my ignorance here) how you take the tumeric and in what measures as well please.xxxxx

  • Morning Sylvi, I am on 500mg of turmeric, from Troo, a UK firm got it on eBay, its in capsule form. more patable than taking it raw for me.

    As I said earlier on its a mix of turmeric,with curcumin+black pepper which apparently helps with digestion.

    I take 1 tab x 2 daily ,with food. I do seem to be moving better, yes I flared yesterday and it was intense to say the least, suffered all yesterday last night was the pits. But I will carry on taking the turmeric, as it doesn't seem to cause any problems.

    warmest Craig

  • Craig can you give me the website please.xx

  • Hi sylvi

    Sorry to but in.

    This is what I use

    I hope this lin works, the product works for me. Best wishes

  • Hang on in there Craig. Flares will get fewer and last a shorter time. All the best.

  • Soooo sorry Craig. That is usually when my flares smack me too - middle of the night... It sucks. Keeping fingers crossed that it goes away as dramatically and fast....

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