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Bidding my overseas friends good evening and good night!

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To all my lovely friends across the Atlantic, I wish you a peaceful, relaxing evening and a restful, pain free night. I am in the U.S., six hours behind you and dreading that the last of my waking hours are your resting hours.

I hope all was as well as expected today and that tomorrow will bring new hope. I have received a warm welcome and a renewed feeling of understanding from all of you!

May the good Lord bless and watch over everyone of you!

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Hi Mandy

What lovely words and sentiments. Although six hours behind, do not let that prevent you reaching out , if needed as there is usually someone awake , this side of the pond. Such is the nature of this horrible disease !

Hope your evening is going as well as it can.


Thanks Mandy,hope you have managed to get some quality sleep as well. I seem to manage the first 3-4hrs then lay tossing and turning the rest of the night.

Regards Mike

Hi Mandy, by now you'll have had a good night's sleep and a refreshed awakening. (Magic wand attached). Take care and keep in touch.

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Thank-you. That's really nice.

Hi Mandy , hope you have a lovely day too although it's very early over there ,hope I didn't disturb your sleep xxx

Thank you Mandy. I think all on this side of the pond have America in our thoughts at the moment.

Hi Mandy! And thanks! Where are you? I'm also in the U.S.-West Coast til hubby retires then (crosses fingers) Southeastern Texas/ Southwestern Louisiana. I'm here at all hours as this place is a good alternative to arguing with my daugher (kidding!).


I am in Kentucky! One of my kids is on the west coast with the Navy, and my middle one is on her way there for the Navy, too!

May the good Lord watch over you and give bless you as well. I have not been online for the last week or so, so I send you a delayed welcome to the group. I believe you will find this group to be warm, caring, supportive and insightful. I am fairly new to the group and so far I have found it to be a blessing. I'm sure you will, too. 😀

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Mandy8175 in reply to Radiogirl

Thank you!

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