Chimney fire!

So, had excitement tonight,my chimney caught fire. Fire brigade sorted it and am now cleared up the best I can, have sat down and my hands and feet are burning, fingers and wrists painful. Then put the oven on and forgot I had meringues cooling, smelt burnt sugar and couldn't think why until My brain started working again! I hope thats all tonight! One good thing is that burnt sugar is a slightly better smell than smoke!!!

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  • Good lord! That's way more exciting than your average slow Sunday! On a more serious note, thank goodness no one was harmed and your ok- in so far as not damaged by fire . I hope the Iain in your hands etc settles down soon.

    Take care!


  • Thank you!


  • Oh dear that was not a good night for you darling,but at least your safe and though your hurting your alive darling which i am sure we are all grateful

  • Oh dear! Very glad you're safe except for the painful hands etc. Best wishes 🤗😍

  • Oh nooo - I am so sorry - both for the chimney fire, but for the lovely meringues too.. I do love me some meringue =)... Hope you are feeing better now after all of the excitement

  • Couldn't think why the house still smelt of smoke, this morning, the chimey was still smouldering, out now I hope! Will try again with the meringues tomorrow! Thank you for all your thoughts.

  • Hello, I have been an expert on setting my chimney on fire, at least once in every house I have lived in, (six so far). I now have a large pack of table salt at hand, put a big double handful straight away. It turns to steam to help smother the fire, then call the fire-brigade.

  • Thank you a great thing to know.I will always have salt at hand in future.

  • Brought back memories of real coal fires ,thanks for that

  • Glad there were no serious problems after your fire.

    A good reminder that chimneys need regular sweeping. At least once a year and more often depending on how often and how long your fire is used.

  • Yes, I had it swept in October but will domit twice a year from now on!

  • It depends on what you are burning. Softwood is bad for leaving deposits in the flue and every 3 months is the recommendation. Poorly seasoned wood burns cool and tars condense in the chimney.

  • Thank you.

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