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Just got off the phone to DWP after making an application for PIP. It's taken me a long time to build up the courage after being mentally battered when I claimed ESA. This time around I'm going to get help from the Citizens Advice Bureau to fill in the forms and I've requested a copy of the NRAS booklet. So here's hoping for some success. I work 13hrs a week but to be honest I dread going as I find it painful and exhausting. I also find that as work takes up all my available energy I have nothing left for living. Thinking very hard about leaving my job but that would currently leave me totally reliant on my husband which I don't want.

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  • I got dial to help me with forms applied in October 2013 had medical assessment feb still waiting for it to be sent to dwp told up to3 to 6 more weeks for results.

  • That's a terrible amount of time to be left waiting. Hope they sort it for you soon x

  • Wow .. they must be very busy/backlog. Perhaps an enquiry as to where they are with it at the mo, might help. I had a friend work for Dial when I was on a voluntary/disabled committee in the same city and he did a lot of work helping people work their way through form filling and applications. I hope you soon have this sorted and of course feel better.

  • The Benefits & Work website is very helpful.

  • Thanks BoneyC, I'll check it out x

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