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Morning peeps I have a new book to read it is my pip of 40 pages long I thought the government was cutting back on every thing but it seems that this is not the case of forms. LOL

OK so I need some help please if there is anyone that lives in the Ainsdale Southport area that can help me fill in this book I would be grateful as I find it very hard to fill this type of thing in. Thanks Alan.

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It's crazy, isn't it?! I submitted mine a week or two ago...

I did mine myself over several weeks, using the advice/guidance from the Benefits and Work website. They have a(n even longer!) booklet you can download for a fee (with a money back guarantee!)... I also word processed a lot of my info because I couldn't write that much.

If you need more help, contact your local Citizens Advice; or if you're lucky, your area might possibly still have a Benefits Advice team within your local council.

Good luck!


Hi manwithnoname,

we have a booklet on how to claim PIP and it has information on how to fill the forms in. I have put a link to it below for you:

Hope this helps


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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Hi Bev thanks I have ordered a copy just now.


Hiya Alan. It is facer isn't it?! As the crow flies I'm not that far from you but as us humans need to use roads it's a bit of a trip. What I would do is contact your Citizens Advice in either Formby or Southport, whichever is closest. They know how best to word applications for benefits & I'm sure will help you.

Good luck.

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Phone up your local CAB and ask for the disability advisor. They will help, and in some areas can even come to your home if you can't get out.


Yep mine just arrived too, but made the phone call, 15 minutes yikes ! Told them I would needs breaks and to use speaker phone ! Forms not arrived yet tho after phone call. But already getting letters etc together. I just feel so annoyed that we have to prove this despite seeing countless factors and specialists and its left up to an admin person, I'm not a happy bunny, it makes me think of all the negatives rather than trying to keep positive.


Hi , lots of good advice above, but if you can get to have a benefits adviser help you fill out the form it will help a lot. My friend has used the Fightback phone support to do her PIP form (not result yet) and was really complimentary about the support, and the Fightback Facebook and web sites both have a lot of useful information, contact numbers, and contacts where you can communicate privately.

They have a really high success rate, but are run on donations, so if anyone want to help them, or have had a result using their info & support, donations are always welcome, even a book of stamps, or a pack of envelops. They really are running on a shoestring.

They also have a lot of advice about those who are on DLA who will be migrated to PIP this year. We were told it was going to happen in 2017, but the DWP have brought the process forward, so many on lifetime awards may be caught out unawares. There is a lot we can all do to be prepared, because some of the info we have to submit can take a while to collect.

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