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Thanks for the well wishes

Had my TKR at 2pm today under the care of Mr James Wimhurst, carried out on spinal anaesthesia and sedatives, back in my room 4.40 all done and dusted

started drinking fluids and taking food at 6pm

I'm being given IV painkilling drugs for 24hrs plus paracetemol, little bit of discomfort but no pain at present

All the feeling is back in my legs, I can move my toes and feet and can pull my feet back Then at 10pm I was standing at side of my bed, assisted by the lovely Alison and Jay

Back resting now and reading all the replies, I really do appreciate it

I will post again tomorrow, I'm only doing this as I'm finding lots of apprehensive posts, but be sure it will be 100% truthful

Until tomorrow

kindest regards


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Really good to hear everything went well and surgery was a success. Get some rest now, you'll have work for the next couple of weeks with physio. Well done derek.


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Cheers Marie

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I think I'd said , in your earlier post, that last year I had tkr on both knees ( at the same time) so know a bit about what's ahead of you so genuinely wish you the best of luck and trust me, you won't regret having had it done.

Take care


Glad to hear all went well DEREK2210 .

My brother had a hip replacement a few weeks back,he too had a spinal anaesthetic.Apparently, the recovery time is quicker as opposed to a full anaesthetic.He is back in work now without any problems.

So hopefully this will be a similar scenario for you too.

Have a good sleep it will probably catch up with you tomorrow.

Keep mobile and take care.



Best wishes Derek, hard work will start now with the physio! I hope this will get you out and about and pain free . Take care, look forward to reading your progress 😀

Great news Derek. Be sure to take stool softeners. Constipation easy to avoid. Worsen by pain meds.🌷🌷🌷🌷

Well done for coming through it so well,now the hard work starts. Do all the exzercises they give you to do and keep as mobile as possibly.xxxx

Wow Derek! i had no idea progress could be that rapid or that it could be done under a spinal. Your progress sounds fantastic and im glad you are not suffering pain. Please keep us informed.


Good news. It sounds like you have a fantastic care team to look after you. Long may the positive news continue. All the very best.

Fantastic! Keep us posted 😃

You sound very happy - its a relief to have the knee(s) done.

My recovery was slowed down by RA inflamation, but I found that regular physio massage really helped once the bruising went down. Its very helpful to have your account of things because I know from experience that one can get really worked up, and sometimes delay the surgery when its better to get it done.

I hope you continue to make progress.

Glad everything went well rest up now xxx

Glad it went well


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