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I went out on Friday to get fitted for new bras. Those that have to wear these items of torture know that trying on bras is not easy.

Well I ambled into M&S and got an appointment. Well I explained that I was looking at front fastening because of RA. She said that she has RA and advised that their only model with front fastening had 8 hooks and eyes! Going further into the appointment I discovered she sees the same Rheummy.

She made the appointment so much easier, even helping me to put bras on and taking them off.

The lady turned an appointment that I was dreading into a great experience.


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  • I went into M&S to try and get plain non wired bras on Friday, must be the day for it Jacqui. They only had two styles but not in my size, loads of wired bras. Have had to order. Have costochonditus at the moment and the wired type dig right into my sternum. Not a good look without one. !! X

  • I prefer non-wired bras. Ended up with Total Support ones. Driving a bus on Surrey's roads without an over shoulder boulder holder is not recommended, unless of course you like black eyes.


  • Ha ha ha ha - Black eyes! you are so funny

  • M&S front fastening sports bras with a zip....double D, E & F sizes too. May not give you the Lana Turner silhouette, but no longer care as long as it's comfortable! And no wires...

  • Please explain who is MS and where are they. Need to find a good place to find front hook bra's, I too have severe RA

  • Marks and Spencer. Shops are labeled M&S. Sell clothes and food. A bit pricey, but good place for bras.


  • Ooh, what was name of bra (if you don't mind me asking?) and do they do them in big girl sizes? If not, my next option is scaffolding!!

    So glad you had a positive experience. Makes all the difference to have a nice assistant instead of a sour puss.

  • Bravissimo have a good range of bras and they start at a D cup and keep going. The only thing is they don't have that many stores but have a fantastic website and great over the phone service.

  • marksandspencer.fr/Extra-Hi...

    This is the one I find comfortable, goes up to 40DD

  • The bra was a total support. I have had to buy 42 B. I don't know if that is big or not. I which these steroids would stop making me grow. Also had to replace trousers and T-shirt.

  • Thanks ladies. I am finding that all my bras are painful to put on and uncomfortable all day. Resorted to vests and trying to find a comfy sports bra. Glad I'm mot alone and will continue the search.

  • I like the front fastening sports bras too. I use them for running and gym anyway but they're comfy enough for daily use. I'm really well on MTX at the moment but fastening bras has always been a problem for me as a 34E!!

    Ally x

  • I have been wearing supportive type pull-on crop top type bras for years. When shoulders are painful I can even climb into them! Buy them online, or sometimes Boots or Debenhams sell them. No fastenings at all.

    No fastening outlines on clothes either. Not glamorous but it has to be a very special occasion to get me into a 'proper' bra now.

  • My frustration is try to get the straps to stay up. no matter how tight I get them, I guess too many years of carrying a laptop sloped them.

  • I love the statement "items of torture". I actually switched to tank tops a while back. I love that she was able to empathize with you and turn it into a positive experience!

  • I keep threatening to go and get measured up for new bras. t would give my husband a rest for he has been putting my bra on for me for the last 10 years - bless him. Must definitely go for front fastening ones xxxx

  • Chuckle.

    My hubby has had to undress me several times this year. Normally my shoulders go and undressing is more difficult.

    I have 2 pull up bras in emergency, but am back in regular bras.


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