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visable RA deformity?!

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I know a lot of people on here ask questions about RA and jaw pain. This is something I have always had real trouble with and on Monday I was hit by the worst case yet. My whole head hurt due to the jaw pain which led to earache etc, by Tuesday it was starting to ease a bit, but still a painful. Today I mentioned to my husband that I seem to have lost all the power in my jaw (when eating) especially the front area. He said that I have been lisping all week too and that had I noticed that my front teeth seem to have moved; I assume this could be why I've lost the power in my jaw.

Is it that the steroids have suddenly done damage (I know this is a risk)? I will book an appointment with the dentist but thought I'd ask if anyone has any visible damage to the jaw thanks to our lovely friend RA.

Mel (who suddenly feels that she looks like a vampire as my teeth feel like they are sticking out!)

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Poor you Mel that sounds horrible. I'm sure I replied to this post but it must have refused to go through as my laptop is being a menace tonight. My friend has a similar problem with her jaw although she hasn't got RA (unless it's just in her jaw). Our GP referred her to a jaw specialist - perhaps an ENT specialist I'm not entirely sure but definitely not a rheumy or a dentist. So there must be people who specialise in jaws and it might be worth seeing one via your GP? Good luck anyway - hope you don't feel like a vampire for much longer and hope it isn't permanent. My son, just home, said my fingers look weird and misshapen "but not too ugly yet" so I do know things can shift but I'm hoping they can also shift back somehow too. TTxx

You can get OA in the joint that opens & closes your jaw I believe, not sure about how RA affects it as I don't think it's a synovial joint but it probably manages to do its evil thing somehow. But jaws do continue moving throughout your life, not just as a kid, so teeth can go crooked as you age and it might be that you've not noticed before and so is separate from the jaw pain. But I guess that's not much comfort to you that you could have 2 problems not 1 in your jaw...! You want an orthodentist I think. Px

Yes that's the one thanks Polly - an orthodentist! And yes I think my friend's problem with her jaw is OA as she has that in her knee. OA is one of the many delights that RA can bring with it as a secondary symptom I believe? TTx

One other thing is the possibility of Osteoporosis, caused by several doses of steroids over the years. the bones in the jaw can soften enough that teeth shift, can also loosen, be more prone to periodontal disease.

Osteoporosis can affect many bones, not just the spine.

An orthodontist would be the best way to go, be sure he knows your history of what meds you have taken and for how long.

Good luck, Mel, hope you get the best help! Loret xx

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Thank you everyone, that's really helpful. I think I'll go and see the dr's then, first appt I could get for the dentist is the end of March. I've got my MRI scan next saturday for my Anti TNF appeal so I assume that would pick up any osteoporosis. I've been so busy today that I've hardly noticed it but there is certainly a weakness there. x

I have had this and asked about it in my question on the 16th January. Put "can't eat" in the search box.

I had aching painful jaws and my teeth wouldn't line up. As if someone had secretly punched me and moved my teeth out of line.

It should resolve itself in a few days. I think it's inflammation in the jaw hinges.

Good luck!

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Thank you that makes me feel a bit better about my self. I've had the jaw pain before but never the movement in the jaw line. It does actually feel much better now but I'm suddenly very aware of my teeth and how they look to other people! x

Hi Mel, i've not long been diagnosed with RA but have had the same problem as you. Have a look for TMD (tempromendibular disorder). It's a problem with the tempromendibular joint in the jaw. It is quite common in people when the jaw is overused, & people who grind/clench there teeth, but can be caused by RA also.

With mine it got really painful & eating was becoming a problem. Trying to chew, yawn & even talking sometimes had me in floods of tears. My Dr diagnosed it but sent me to my dentist who then made me a mouthguard to keep me jaw in a particular position while sleeping. Mine is chronic & foes flare up, but a lot of people only have it temporarily & once gone it stays away.

I do hope you feel better soon x

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