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Can you take Tumeric with methatroxate and steroids?

Hi all

I keep coming across members talking about benefits of Tumerick for inflamation.

Lamberts sell what appears to be a high dose capsule ( 10,000 mg). I have asked my GP if it is okay to take this dose when on Metax, narproxen and steroids. She said straight out that she did not know. Is there an ideal dose to take? Are there any side effects from Tumerick?

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Hi - I am a big advocate for these spices - both ginger and turmeric (same family). They form part of my nutrition plan (It is also is my passion and my business must haves in my life. I start my day with ginger as well as turmeric. (If you are on blood thinners i.e aspirin you need to check with your dr as it is a natural blood thinner too.) A great anti inflammatory 😊.

Okay, side effects far out weigh the benefits. I have had one of my customers say slight tummy upset and another takes her to the WC. Turmeric cleanses the liver. This is the fresh root (organic).

Dosage: If you are taking the dried powder 1-3 grammes per day. Cut root 1.5 - 3 grammes. I take 1-3 teaspoons per day of fresh as a tea and in my cooking. as said this works for me.

My diagnosis by the way is for RA, this was in October 2016. I am on 6 x 2.5mg Methotrexate tablets per week. I read some posts of people suffering terribly with nausea whilst on this drug - so far, for me I have been nausea free, although still early days.

I sincerely hope this helps. Stay well and upbeat.

Virtual hugs to you all 🤗 Hessie x


I forgot to mention my Rheumo said fine to use - but please check with yours.....

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Hi, the best way to take it is in cooking with fat, not the capsule form. It was on the Jerermy Vine show on the radio yesterday. They had Michael Mosley from Trust me I'm a Doctor series. They ran a small trial with good results. If you are worried check with your own GP. Good luck.

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I have just started to take tumeric. I heard the Jeremy Vine interview on Radio 2 the other day and had seen the "trust me I'm a doctor" programme. I thought the radio very interesting (should be possible to hear on catch up) It seems the tumeric needs to be in cooking with fat and black pepper for the effect. I think the amount was a teaspoon a day. I tried taking on full fat yoghurt - really unpleasant taste. Not sure it is really proved as such but I like curries and spiced food so thought worth it for a while just in case. Will report back and would love to hear how you get on (capsules would be a lot easier!)


Turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic are heaven sent partners for people with arthritis. If you are going to mix turmeric with oils/fats I'd advise minimal oil/fats since these can be a trigger for inflammation & pain.


Use coconut oil when mixing. Recipe on the Facebook page turmeric user group uk

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Hi grainnek - are you on Facebook? If so, have a look at these pages

If you go to the pinned post at the top, you will find loads of info about how to take turmeric, and how to make 'Golden Paste' - a mix of turmeric, black pepper and coconut oil, along with a section on the medications that it might negatively affect.

I haven't tried it yet myself, but have all the ingredients ready to give it a go for my Psoriatic Arthritis.

Hope this helps! 😀


Thank you everyone for your replies to my post and a very happy new year to all. I did not know anything about taking Tumerick with peppercorns or fat. I think I will give it a go as the drugs are only keeping my RA at a certain level but I still have inflamation and constant pain.

I will let you know how I get on


Thanks soreknees

i have asked to join the group on facebook


It may be helpful to have a look at the Arthritis Research UK publication on complimentary therapies as it covers both the effectiveness and safety of lots of different therapies, including turmeric and ginger, on both OA and RA.

Always discuss with your rheumatology team before starting any complimentary therapy as they can interfere with other medications.

Do call the NRAS helpline if you have any other queries - 0800 298 7650 (Mon-Fri 9.30-4.30)

Best wishes,



Hi Grainnek

I have been taking Turmeric for a year now.

I am a food scientist so did loads of reading around the subject first.

I am on 15mg MTX and take Pred. I checked with my rheumatologist first re taking Turmeric. He said yep go ahead. Just told me not to exceed standard dose you would get from an Indian diet. That is 0.5tsp a day.

I take it just before bedtime. And the 'Indian way', ie half a cup of hot full fat milk, then add 0.5 tsp of turmeric.

The fat in the milk helps to release the Curcumin in the turmeric, which is the active ingredient said to help with decreasing inflammation.

Don't waste your money on buying capsules just go for the real deal, powdered Turmeric in the spice rack. I buy a big bag of the organic stuff when it's on offer in the health food shops.

According to my Rheumatology consultant there's now loads of positive evidence re anti inflammatory properties of turmeric.



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