Forgot to take my steroids!

Hi all.

I cant sleep as its playing on my mind now so I thought I would post on here.

We came to our caravan for the weekend Friday afternoon, this morning (Saturday) when I woke to take meds I realised I had forgot to bring my predisolone! I'm currently taking 40mg a day.

So I've not had todays dose we should be home for lunch time tomorrow so I can take tomorrows dose ok just a little lateg than normal.

There isn't much I can do about it now but do you think I will be ok?

Thanks all x

Hope.your all sleeping better than me x

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I think you might be alright as you will have some in your system already,just take them as soon as you get home. Have a lovely weekend where ever you are. Blog and tell us all about your weekend. xxx


Maria says - yes - its in your system - you should be okay...

next time I guess need to keep a back up in your going away stuff


Easily done. I really hope you don't flare as a result but then if you think you will you are more likely to so just know that it's in your system anyway and try to enjoy your break.



Hoping you will be ok.. especially as it is one day.. but your pain levels may well rise during the gap.. so may need more pain killers.

Take care

Alison xxx


Hi Julie, sorry I'm not much help with advice but wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you :) x


Thanks xx :)



You can get an emergency prescription from a local pharmacy. They have to contact your local doctor etc. But it can be done.

Good luck and I hope you don't flare as a consequence - you may be alright, but I dont have experience with that kind of dosage level.

Take care

Sci xx


Thanks everyone, I arrived home before 12 today and took them straight away.

Ive not had any side effects "touch wood" except for more pain than usual, however not sure if thats down to doing a little too much yesterday.

Sylvi, I will blog as soon as I have time, Ive got my first rituximab treatment tomorrow, so busy all day there.

Not really done much this weekend, just cleaning the caravan as it closes now until March, so this weekend was just to pack up and clean really.

I normally have plently off all my meds but I had taken a few home the week before getting ready to close up and hadnt realised Id taken all my steriods home :( silly me!

Hopefully I will be fine, as I beleive I will also be getting a large dose off steriods tomorrow before the rituximab infusion.

Hope everyone else has had a good weekend, now Ive got to get off to unpack everything weve brought home from the caravan!!

Julie xx


Hi Julie

i've not been on here for a week, I know not why, I'm still off sick etc. but seem to run out of time. So... jusst going to say good luck with the rituximab. I hope it works for you but come off the steroids slowly.

I'm back on Humira weekly to try and settle the RA again, the Rheumy wants to hold off using another drug as we don't have much as if I hadn't realised the shortage of cures.

So take a magazine to flick through, when I had my blood trans I was sat next to a girl having her 2nd RTX it's a slow process. do you still have the steroid and antihistamine before. As your taking 40mg pred. you'll be bouncing like Tigger.

Good luck gentle hugs.



Hi Tricia,

I know how you feel, I am back at work, but even before I was back at work, I was struggling to find time to be on here, no idea why?

Yeah I still get the antihistamine and steriods before, to be totally honest since RA, even with 80mg doses off daily steriods and the injections off it Ive never been full off beans, fatigue is one off the worst parts of RA for me :(

So would love to be feeling like tigger tomorrow lol!!

My GP couldnt beleive how badly swollen my hands and knees are at the moment considering the ammount off pred Im taking, but really didnt want to up it anymore as its almost here now, and even though I know the rituxmab wont work straight away Im really hoping the steriods I get on the day help out with the swellings, pain n stiffness thats been worse past month or so.

Fingers crossed.



I will update Tuesday (hopefully) and let you all know how tomorrows infusion goes.

Take care all catch up soon

Julie x


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