Goods News!

Goods News!

Bloods came back not too bad. Inflammatory markers right down to five, only a slight prob with white cell count, but not significant enough to worry. All others look fine!

I've been on leflunomide for just over a month. Only mild side effects so far, apart from stomach pain, and a stinking cold. Still have some stiffness and pain, and the mornings are a bit grim, but otherwise things are better than they were. Not perfect, but better!

When I think of how I was before steroids etc, I cringe. I couldn't even roll over in bed.

Sulfasalazine was a nightmare drug for me, and to be honest I was terrified of trying another drug. I had a terrible reaction to it, in the form of a nasty mixed bipolar episode. Phew...never again!

Here's another winter scene to celebrate 🎉

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  • Again you stun me with your photography. What's the name of this river/lake?

  • This is still Port Meadow Oxfordshire. One of my favourite walks.

  • Sorry...river Thames! I can walk all along the Thames tow path for miles.

  • LOL you must think me daft :) Of corse it's the Thames, it's the only river I know in London lol

  • Not at all! Could have been the Cherwell. Not everyone knows Port Meadow!

    I walk along the Evenlode sometimes too.

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