Frosty morning walk

Frosty morning walk


I have been inspired to post a photo from reading all the posts and seeing the excellent photos already posted. I regularly read the posts and am glad to be a part of the forum. I have been walking my dog Lucy the Irish Terrier (on the left of the photo) every morning to a park close to my home (lucky me).

I am doing better since being on Abatacept although still suffer from random swellings which have no apparent trigger which mysteriously come and go. This is such a weird disease and debilitating condition to suffer; last 2 days my left arm became very painful especially when I rotated my wrist, lucky that I am right handed 🙃.

I hope every one on the site had aa good a Christmas as possible and wish everyone a happy new year.

Regards to all


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Gorgeous photo ! Enjoy x


Lovely picture kaypiercy

It looks just like that here and hasn't seemed to have defrosted at all today still very cold out there.

You are very lucky to have such a lovely spot close to your home.

I hope you have a very happy new year too.

Take care




I love to see photos, and this is a beauty!

We all suffer hideous pain, it's nice to see photos of people getting out and about, despite the difficulty that moving sometimes is!

If one more person says 'well, you're always out with your dog, so can't be too bad,' I wiill end up in traction because I kicked them!

Good for you, I'm glad you got out with your beautiful dogs. Pleased that you are also doing better. Nice park! I'm very lucky where I am...loads of lovely walks. 😀😀


Love your photo Kay. Frost and mist always looks good in photos and the dogs blend in beautifully. Nice muted colours.

Hope your pain goes as mysteriously as it arrived. Exactly the same thing happened with my left hand a few weeks ago. Total agony, couldn't move my fingers, hurt like mad when I turned my wrist in a certain way.

Did all the usual icing, resting, ibuprofen etc, etc, got myself all kitted out with a wrist support and eventually the pain etc disappeared - obviously I hadn't broken my wrist in my sleep - dramatic and imaginative I know but it's my first 'random pain attack' and I couldn't think of any other reason 😉 You do have to wonder what's going on though don't you.


Lovely photo! And echo random pain that wanders for no particular reason. I accept it if it's my fault and have done something a bit daft, like chopping wood for too long, but seems so unfair when it pops up out of the blue.


Beautiful...thanks for sharing.....your dogs look awesome too.😃


Love your photo. Merry Christmas!!


I hope you enjoyed the walk as much as your dogs. Thanks for the photo.


Many thanks for your replies I wish you all the best for the new year. Looking back at this time last year I was needing a walking stick and had 18 swollen joints. Now I suffer randomly 3 bad joints wrist ankle and knee but can now walk without a stick, which I make the most of. This improvement is after being on the Biologic Abatacept for 5 months, previously I had Embrel but had to stop due to side effects. I have suffered RA for 4 years and this is the best I have been, I also inject 20 mg methotrexate once a week. Thought I would just add some context to my Frosty Morning Walk 😊.

Best wishes



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