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I'm newly diagnosed. The RD I have is very aggressive apparently. It started in July r with a locked thumb and since then nearly every joint is effected. Now like most other people I thought RD was about painful and swollen joints that looked like my grans who also had it and that it was the same as osteo arthritis.

I wasn't prepared for the severe fatigue. I can feel relatively fine for a few days and then such as this monring. I woke up feeling a bit tired. I did my usual thing of walking the dogs, taking one for day care, grabbing a quick coffee then coming home. I realised I felt a bit light headed and just weak. I nipped back out to the shop but suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired. Came back feeling very weak and exhausted. At that poin the dog decided he wanted to go on a major sniffathon. Every step was like wading through treacle, I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Eventually got home and just collapsed on the sofa.

Do other poeple find that the fatigue can be like this, hitting from nowhere and leaving you completely debilitated

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  • Hi I've got RA ,OA and Angina and at the moment the fatique is quite bad and as you say it's like wading through treacle and I think it can just be as bad as being in pain but I've learned to live with it now and just down tools and rest

  • Here is a link to arthritis research uk's information on fatigue you may find it helpful: .

  • I wasn't prepared at all for the level of exhaustion I feel. It feels like I've just given birth to triplets and immediately followed this by trekking the Cairngorms in a blizzard!

    Some days I can manage a good long all day walk (with stops) with dog, then I'm thrashed for weeks. I do walk daily with the dawg, but it's jolly hard work.

    I feel for you.

  • Oh yes. There was another post a couple of days ago from jane1976 about fatigue, you may find my reply (below) to her relevant. But with your being newly diagnosed & considered to have an aggressive form your response to treatment may be relative too.

    It's part & parcel of the disease I'm afraid & it can be a very real problem. It can happen even if you've not over exerted yourself, if the disease isn't well enough controlled or more obviously when in flare. This is the leaflet JacquiThomas999 mentioned I think you'll also find this interesting reading you'll see you're not alone having to manage fatigue.

  • Oh no it is horrific! You have to change every part of your life when it gets bad......sometimes I am unable to do anything on a day.... Having a dog is lovely but can you find help to take dog for walks? Some days u just may not be able to....... Sorry to be bearer of bad news

  • The fatigue is draining! I have had to learn to do only one chore a day if I want enough energy to do something fun in the evening like go out for diner etc. I even divide my old once weekly grocery shop into 2 days.

    I am finding the fatigue is less now that my mtx has started to kick in.

  • I am afraid it is a very simple answer yes yes oh yes, it took a pain clinic to tell me about pacing to really come to terms with how to cope wih it

  • The strange thing I have found with the fatigue is the lack of energy to keep fighting it. I too have found pacing and planning to be the best remedy so far. I am currently reducing my drugs down now that the disease is "under control" and I have found that there is some improvement in that I can stay awake later in the evenings. I still struggle the day after methotrexate and so I have switched taking this drug to Tuesday evenings and give myself a chillax day every Wednesday (all my friends and family have got used not to expecting anything from me on this day). I will try diet elimination at some point to see if this can help and also I try to exercise and stretch everyday (except Wednesday's). All I can say is that you are definitely not alone and that please don't give up trying - bug know when to rest and when to say "no".

  • Fatigue I feel is almost worst than pain, at least there are painkillers, there is nothing for Fatigue. However I would say, much like the pain of comes and goes, it is not a static thing. When I get "struck down" as I put it, could be at the park playing with the kids and all of a sudden come over dizzy and feel just awful, you just have to go work it, knowing all the time it will go just as it came. Getting frustrated with it really doesn't make it go any quicker.

    Wishing your fatigue passes quickly for Xmas, God bless!

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