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I feel sorry for you all, I was on sulphasalasine 17 years accompanied by diclofenac sodium. it suddenly decided not to work and I went to around 30 crp very stiff and painful. I was put on methotrexate till I reached 20 mg (8) tablets along with the sulphasalasine it didn't touch it. I was allowed to go on humira as the other two tablets were not doing it for me. After my first injection and before my second one two weeks after, I had dropped to 1.7 crp, I know, unbelievable, I have been using this pen every two weeks for around 4 years now and 4 methotrexate as it's said they work together. I have never gone above 3 crp usually 1 or 2( crp (( inflammation test I believe)). I check it after each monthly blood test. I no longer take diclofenac sodium or paracetamol. I must be in remission, I can actually jog if I wanted to, 65, so i probably won't and no fatigue. I don't know if anyone has found this doesn't agree with them, but so far so good for me. It's worth a word with you rheumatologist nurse. I've now, as all is working well, been asked if i'd mind using the pen every three weeks instead of every two. I'll give it a try and see what happens. I have plenty of bone fusing from the previous years but no pain or stiffness. I hope you all find your helpful treatment.

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Thanks so much for telling us this , such an inspiration and gives us hope xx keep going!


I am also on Humira, 8 years it's been a great drug for my RA but now possibly together with Azathoprine is thought to be the cause of my small skin cancers, came off Azathioprine, still hanging on to Humiria, have been offered Rituxamab but was concerned on the length of time it takes to work. 10 weeks on mtx seems to be okay now, still need to sort out an eye problem. Still take all my other meds for various other problems. Pleased to hear how well you are doing.


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