Methotrexate pen

Methotrexate pen

Hya, I have been self injecting methotrexate for months now, but when I went to pick up my latest prescription I found that they gave me a different type, it is more like a syringe, is this a new type out or have they given me the wrong type. I'm going to my Drs in a few days, so not going to use this one, just wanted to check if it a new one that they have brought out, and will I need to learn how to use it? The problem I see is I don't think I will be able to hold it right or have the pressure to push the plunger. Help please. Xxx

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  • There are lots of different ones . I would either check with the doctor or the practice nurse or the pharmacist . They should all be able to help x

  • Thank you, going to take them back to the chemist, see what happens. And see what my dr says, can't imagine the dr changing them without telling me first though. I'm getting ready to go onto enberel soon, so it will be 2 injections a week then 😢X

  • I had enbrel injections. Took a few months to kick in but then were very helpful! Remember to take it out of the fridge half hour or do before you inject or it stings!

    I'm diabetic and st the moment on 5 injections for various reasons per day lol plus finger pricks 6 times ...... and my infusions for RA ..... beat that ..... lol😂😂

  • Hya, I've not started on them yet as they want to do a ultrasound on my kidneys, then hopefully can get started on them then. Just hoping that my kidneys are ok. Xx

  • Cool , they are very organised then! Good luck x

  • Is it the pen you normally have Ann? If so the one you now have is what I used to have for nearly 6 years & if I had the choice I'd go back to them. Although I've found a way I can inject safely with the pen I felt much more in control with the prefilled syringes. Just take your time & push the plunger gently & all should be fine. If you're not confident doing it yourself the first time ask your Practice nurse if she'll show you... or alternatively I could meet up with you & demonstrate on your next injection day?! x

  • Hya. It's totally different, usually I have a prefilled pen that I just put on my thigh and press the button. So this is new, but not been told about any changes. Thanks for the offer though. But I don't think I would be able to use this one, as my fingers/wrists are stiff and sore at the moment and wouldn't be able to press that plunger. I'm through in Lytham on the 28th to see the Rheumatologist Mr Jones, could meet up for a coffee in Lytham after I've seen him if you like?🙂

  • It was the same for me but the other way round, I was swapped to pens without notice or demonstration so just got on with it but my hands & particularly my thumbs are weak so pushing the button & holding the pen is awkward for me, that's why I preferred the syringe, I'd more control. Things are happening daily at the mo, was up at Vic yesterday then just got in from another appointment up there this afternoon so can I pm you next week when I've a clearer idea of what's happening? I was due to see Dr Jones 2 weeks ago but I had a call from my Rheumy's sec to say I could be seen in her clinic sooner so jumped at it! x

  • Oh you have been having a hard time lately. Yes pm me when you know. Would be nice to have a catch up. 🙂

  • Hi,

    This is what I used to have before I moved on to Metoject pens.

    It is more fiddly to administer but still quite easy.

    My GP practice nurse showed me how to inject it, then I was fine and happy to carry on.

    Hope that helps!

  • It may be that they've just not been able to get the pens as stocks can get low, and got these so they could supply you with the drug you need rather than nothing. Or the local health trust has changed policy and refused to pay the extra for pens.

    But either way, what you've been given is the same drug so should be fine for you. I used to use syringes, was then swapped to pens, and am now back on these syringes as where I am won't fund the pens.

  • I used to have those then my supplier changed, and I now have the pens. It's exactly the same medication, however someone will need to check your technique as it's slightly different for the injections. You should advise your rheumy nurse ad there maybe something wrong with your prescription. ..xx

  • I would check that they haven't just made a mistake - I have had these dispensed before instead of the pens and it was just an error at the pharmacy. (Having had a few dispensing errors or items missing I now always check my bag of goodies before I leave the pharmacy as it is a pain to have to trail back! )


  • That's an ordinary syringe injection by the look of it, speak to your doctor about it, you need to be happy with what you're doing. I've had that type before & also the pen type, both ok but, I prefer the pen type of injection myself.x

  • I inject Humira.Mine has changed to this design too.

  • Hya. Been to see my Dr, she gave me the injection today, and changed the prescription so I will get the pen from now on. X

  • Have never done the injection pen for methotraxate, alway have a pill. My last two liver test were high so the Dr has taken me off it. Now in severe pain for last month. Embrel is not helping now and Dr whats to also stop Mobic. Ask question

  • Honestly? I'd take them back and ask for what you are used to if it was me! M x

  • Thanks everyone, got it sorted now. Go for my ultrasound on my kidneys next week, and hopefully everything will be ok so I can start on the enberel or whatever it is called. Xx

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