Methotrexate pen injections

Hi all. Couple of quick questions...OH has received his methotrexate pens today. The nurses told him someone would come and show him how to do them, but instead they've just been dropped off by an NHS courier. Q1 Does he really need someone to show him or can we just do it following the instructions? Really need to do it today as his normal day is Wednesday but missed yesterday in anticipation of injecting today. Q2 Do we need to keep them in the fridge? It just says below 25 degrees which our house is. Thanks all.

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  • I just got on and did it myself. Never had any offer to help. But got mine from local pharmacy. Kept the one in use at room temperature and the spares in the fridge. Seemed to work OK

  • I was never shown how to do it, so just followed the instructions. Mine are normally kept in a cupboard in a cool'ish room (the toilet!) and only moved to the fridge in a heatwave.

  • Thanks Pat and double helix - that's exactly what we wanted to hear 😀 Now let's just hope they do some good 🙏🏻

  • I think there is a u tube video....only tip is if you make a mistake and not all goes in don't do another. Training was a bit over the top...advised not to inject with small children or animals in the room...not really sure why. One problem is getting rid of the empties...can't go in normal surgical waste. Ended up having to take mine to the hospital

  • Just ask for a sharps bin with a purple top. No one actually told me this and I happily have been putting mine in the normal sharps bin!

  • I wasn't shown. When I had my script for prefilled syringes filled I was given pens, no warning, so just got on with it. There is an info video from Metoject for when the pens were first released, you'll find it here No need to keep it in the fridge. Even though it says 25 degrees I never have, even when I lived in Spain, I just kept it in a drawer in a room which only got the morning sun.

    I hope he finds being on injections better than on the tablets, many of us do.

  • I don't keep mine in the fridge- just out of direct sunlight. The pens are so easy to use, I'd just use them. I keep mine still, in place of where i inject, and count to 20 or so- seems to help with ensuring that I don't bruise. There is a good online video clip to follow. As I have to inject Cimzia as well, I alternate between left and right thigh for mtx. Go for the fleshiest bit 😉 luck 😁

    Did you get a sharps bin to dispose of the pen?

    This is a video clip:

    These are step by step instructions:

  • Thanks all. Done it now - much easier than the complex instructions would imply! Yes we got a (massive) sharps bin with purple lid. Fingers crossed now.

  • You can also inject either side of belly button to give you more options and less chance of ulceration. I do mine on a 4 week cycle right leg, right tummy, left tummy, and left leg and start again.... had no problems doing this way.

  • Hi yes and yes to both questions the nurse has to make sure there is no adverse reactions from the meds

  • One point in here that will help. Use an ice cube on the injection site for about 10 seconds before, then clean and inject. Then use the ice cube for another 10 seconds after. This will help stop any bruising..

  • I was advised to keep my enbrel injections in the refrigerator, I remove one on the day I inject to allow it to reach room temp prior to injecting, it stings less this way. My injections are delivered in a freezer box containing ice packs to keep them cool, two months supply are deleivered together so they take up quite a bit of space in my fridge. I seem to remember that they are ok at room temperature for only two weeks, so ok to take on holiday without refrigeration. I was not taught but just followed the instructions that accompanied them. I inject in my stomach, alternate sides each week. I alternate the tops of my legs for my weekly methotrexate injection. Methotrexate does not need to be refrigerated. If it did I would need a bigger fridge.

    Hope this is helpful.

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