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Methotrexate - starting on injections?

I've recently been diagnosed with seronegative RA and am to start on MTX shortly. I also have longstanding Type 1 diabetes and wonder if I should ask to start on injections rather than tablets to minimise the risk of nausea/sickness. My diabetes is difficult enough to control without adding that!

I'm new here and would be grateful for any views/advice :0)

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No harm in asking, but don't be surprised if the doctor says no. Basically pills are a couple of ££s a week, and injection are more like £25. So about £1000 more a year, which multiplied by the number of people who have RA adds up to a lot of money. Sad that money drives decisions, but it's the way it is.

However, not everyone gets nausea - I certainly didn't on the pills but do get a slight seasickness feeling for a few hours on injections! I only moved on to injections after a few years on pills because I developed ulcers.


I think it should be possible to make a case for starting on injections rather than pills if you're also a type one diabetic who is already struggling to keep this disease well controlled. I know someone who has Ulerative Colitis and was put directly onto injectable MTX and has had no problems/ side effects at all from it. Definitely worth asking.


Hi there,

If you feel you would do better on injections then most definitely ask, while they are slightly more expensive the cost is not prohibitive and PATIENT CHOICE does count. If you experience any hurdles get in touch with us as we can certainly intervene and/or advocate on your behalf however I very much doubt they will flat refuse to put you on injections. Take a look at the 3 video clips on our website talking about mtx injections as they are very informative.

If you do encounter any problems get in touch with the helpline 0800 298 7650

Good luck

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Many thanks for the very helpful advice :0). I'll ask about injections when I'm at the clinic later this month.


I'm not able to help you with your dilemma, but welcome you and I'm sure the community will hep in any way they can to help you reach a decision.


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