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Morning all,hope everyone facing the day ahead as best you can. I have my MRI app on 28 th Nov, for compressed vertebrae,then see orthopaedic consultant week after,very lucky that I am under Guys, appointments come through very quickly.I don't seem to be to bad with joint pain, steroids sorting that out,all other treatments have eventually failed after a few years,so stuck on these for the long term. Just onto a lighter note,my cat Ada has brought in many things through the cat flap,a few live huge rats,believe me,despite hardly being able to move very fast,I shot out of my chair like a bullet,son came up and killed it.Last week she came in with the cutest baby squirrel,4 weeks old,my for a little chap, he could certainly squel for his mum, anyway I found a rescue centre who could feed him every 2 hours,we called him acorn,What has your cat or dog come in with?anyone beat a baby squirrel.x

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  • I hope your MRI & appointment go well. As yet we've not been brought anything live although we do have a resident mouse that lives in the climbing hydrangea which has spread onto the garage roof & helps himself to the birds peanuts, has our dogs transfixed. No, our dogs are fruit bats, they used to clear up all the fallen figs & almonds when we lived abroad but back here in the UK it's apples. They won't eat any until they've shown one of us they've got one & told they can have it.

  • Good luck with the scan .

    I had a cat flap and one day I woke up with a lovely purring noise and though , what's she doing she's not allowed on the bed ?

    Opened my eyes and saw six other neighbours cats all sat on my bed happy as Larry!! I freaked having just woke up and found a cat party on my bed!! They scrarperd quickly and we bought a magnetic flap after that!

    She acted like a spoiled teenager for a few days after that!

  • 6!! OMG.

  • How amazing Allanah,love em, or hate them, they keep us entertained,not always in the way we'd like.How you feeling?x

  • Rough I'm afraid ! Vomiting all day . Started statins and a second diabetic injection yesterday to go along with insulin. Started plaquenil too for RA , off Rituximab as I got two severe urine infection, 1 chest infection and 1 skin infection , but inm weird when it comes to reacting to drugs !

    Starting Toxilimab soon ! Oh well x sure it will all sort itself out!! Planning my next gigs tho and time away!!

  • Hugs (((x)))

  • I've had several slow worms and the odd baby rabbit, all still alive thankfully.

    I also came down to three blackbird nestling, barely feathered. I thought they were did so I'm afraid I placed them on top of the grass cuttings in my recycle bin.

    The warmth must have revived them because when I next opened the lid, three hungry mouths stretched up towards me. I had to drive miles to the nearest rescue centre able to take them.

  • Aw!!! Well at least you saved them!

  • Hi,

    Good luck with your scan.

    Ahh,cats,don't we just love them? 😻We've had a few bengals over the years,and the garden also backs onto conservation area,which then backs onto farmland for as far as you can see - this has certainly had us in fits over the years as we've had numerous birds,rabbits and voles or rats(dead and alive) along with a couple of live fish(there's a pond in the conservation area,and bengals just love water - several times we've had to chase taz out because he was after the ducks in there😈) Plus I've lost count of the number of squirrels and frogs they've brought in - can still see the look of horror on my mums face when she went to sit down after shopping and a frog suddenly hopped in front of her sofa 😂 I never knew just how loud they screamed until I was chasing the thing around trying to catch it - luckily enough,the pond is 30 seconds walk from the back gate,so more often than not we've been spotted by the neighbours in our jamas and slippers as we're doing sprints with clasped hands or an empty biscuit tub with some form of pond life trying to be rescued -it must make great viewing for them?! At the moment we have a mole at the bottom of the garden and one of the Maggie's can't wait to get out there each day so she can chase around the holes trying to find it.,,,, just waiting to see how long before that ends up indoors 😝

    Thank you for letting me forget the discomfort I'm in for a moment,and giving me one of the biggest smiles I've had all day while remembering some of these fun times 😊

  • Sorry,should read moggies,not Maggie's!!

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