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Hi Al

Rheumy Trials nurse comes up trumps, I received a call this morning from our lovely Rheumy nurse who also looks after the patients on trials.

She said Can you go to hospital today to have bloods done, then come in to hospital **********tomorrow************ for the day to have the blood transfusions. How wonderful is that, I will report in later tomorrow or Saturday if out of energy. But if I could I'd jump for joy.

I may now be able to get some get up and go to battle with DLA, Physio, DLA, ESA, DLA it becomes a bind.

But onwards and upward my lovlies


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you go girl give em hell. xxx


Hi tricia

Yeah for the rhumy nurse ;-) Hope the blood does you good, and do let me know if you would like any help with your DLA battle as I'm good with them ;-)

Ella xxx


Will expect some lively blogs then, full of energy and red blooded comment.


well done good news xx


great news good luck.



Good luck. Can I ask is the blood transfusion to help the RA? Bit confused! :-)

Hope it goes good though x



Great news at last .i hope you feel a lot better soon.Now it's just the physio to sort out!!Have a word with your rhuemy nurse - she seems to get things sorted

Good Luck and hear from you soon

Julie xxx


Hi Tricia, great news. I did an earlier detailed blog on here about DLA - have a look at it and if you need any help, let me know. I am dealing with it all the time, including appeals etc.

Hope all goes well. Bit puzzled by the reference to a blood transfusion as not come across that before in connection with RA. So do let us know.

Love LavendarLady x


Good luck, will be thinking of you x


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