Lumps and other things

Lumps and other things

So what I was told was a lipoma on the side of my wrist has turned out to be a ganglion cyst, but in true my style, it is wrapped around the writs joint and goes up in to the palm of my hand. So hoping it will go away or it means a trip to the orthopedic surgeon because of all the tendons and nerves involved, GP won't touch it. My Dr said they are common with RA. Anyone else had one that is naughty like mine?

On top of finding that out, I was prescribed some norgesic for the ruptured disc and had a really bad reaction, so none of that ever again. It has been an interesting week. I hope everyone else has had a better time. Hahahah

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  • Hi Someone smother. I have quite a few over the years always on the back of my hands. Only one was painful and I had to wear a splint for 6 weeks. They used to hit them with a book in the old days. Was too squeamish for that. !! Have one at the moment not causing any problems, it will eventually go. I am at the hospital waiting for my biopsy on my lip, so not looking forward to it. Wish you well and take care. X

  • This is on the outside/ underside of my wrist where I rest it on the table when using the computer so it is becoming very painful. I looked up what I can do apart from bashing it, which I was put off doing after GP told me about the nerves and tendons involved etc, so I found one page which suggested wrapping it tightly to compress it ,which I did today and at least if it isn't smaller it isn't bigger as it had some padding over it hahahahah what sort of splint was it?

    I have had the lip biopsy, it's not too bad I went back to work that day after I had it done.

  • It was something the GP concocted, it was many years ago, it was bandaged on, but stopped me using my wrist as he didn't want it removed until he said so. It certainly worked for me. When I used to have bad flares and operations on my hands I was given splints with a metal piece running through the back fitted with Velcro, that you could remove them when you wanted to wash, etc. I do hope you get it sorted out as as it's very painful. X

  • I am home from the biopsy and wasn't as bad as I thought, the doctor who did it has done biopsies on me before and remembered me, was so kind. The worst thing was the local injection into my lip... But breathed through it. Wouldn't stop bleeding for a while from the stitch, all ok now. Just hope it's not another small skin cancer as digging it out is more invasive. X

  • Yes the injection was the worst. I still have a numb bit where they took the biopsy, luckily I don't have sjogruns but they said borderline. I hope I don;t get it too. Yours was obviously for another reason and I hope good news for you

  • Ahhh Ok I will ask when I go next Thanks for that

  • I had a ganglion removed from the underside of my wrist at the same time as a carpal tunnel yours it was involved with tendons in my palm.....& was really very painful hence the removal

    The actual operation was fine, but recovery took forever & now although there is no lump it is still painful.

    I don't know if leaving it alone was an option, but if you see a hand/wrist surgeon & on looking at your scan he advises you to leave it.....I would. I get really painful pins & needles in my thumb & first two fingers....not all the time, but enough for it to be a real nuisance.

    Good luck whatever you decide!

  • Thank you for sharing that. GP wants to leave to and see what happens. I do have a referral in for hand surgeon for other reasons but if it is still there and causing issues when I finally get in to see them, probably a couple of years time, I will mention it

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