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Well after thinking about volunteering some of my time I finally did it. I just do 3 hours a week at a local church centre on the welcome desk but its brilliant.

Looked after my grandson yesterday and while I was trying to get lunch ready he said "come quick nanny Dumbo has done something naughty". Needless to say Dumbo is a toy elephant who had apparently chucked talc all over the floor. Clever eh. Anyway put Dumbo on the naughty step. What else is a Nan supposed to do.

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  • Fab. I enjoy doing nras volunteering but you don't get asked regularly . Can't wait on grand kids but don't tell my kids that !

  • Hi Allanah yes Grand kids are are smashing you will get some one day. I only have the one but he is smashing. What do you do as an nras volunteer?

  • Give them a ring, there's millions of jobs from telephone volunteering to fundraising to starting a group

  • I think people who do voluntary work as good people selfless in almost every way, I do voluntary work also but moly once or twice a week, answering the phones. It gives me a chance to help others and to put something back into society.


  • Yes you are right Philip it does feel good to put something back.

  • .....and it lets us make a difference. We can be useful despite our pains and disabilities.

    It can be a pleasant feeling of accomplishment.

  • You are so right.

  • Thats brilliant scouser I hope I manage 8 years.

  • Amongst other things, I volunteer as a tutor for EPP - Health and Well being courses for people with long-term health conditions. I went on a course about 6 years ago and found it very useful. I don't think I learned anything particularly new (having had RA for many years) but I learned to apply the stuff to me personally and put it into practice - and I got lots of tips on how to manage from others and still do.

    I think the main things that I use all the time are setting realistic goals and problem solving. The distraction techniques are useful too (especially at the dentist!) and the breathing techniques when I'm waiting for investigations or to see the specialist.

    You can find out more information on their website.

  • I will have a look.

  • I volunteer at Mind, doing creative groups with people with enduring mental illnesses. If there is a section of society that is marginalised and stigmatised it is those with mental illnesses - it's truly just as disabling as many physical ailments. I've met some fantastic people through this and will be returning to the groups once the next surgery is out of the way.

    Cece x

  • Hi Cece I have though of volunteering at Mind. Like many people with RA i suffer from depression and feel there is still a stigma attached to mental illness.

  • I reckon you would be an asset to Mind, you have first hand knowledge of different issues and by helping others you could also help your self and that's one the reason I joined Samaritans, almost eight years later I'm still there lol, I have made lots of new friends and met a lot of lovely people who each have their own things. Don't let the depression hold you back please, go give them your all and if I get diagnosed with anything after my tests at least I know who to call on.


  • Hello BOB here

    Have being doing voluntary work for at least ten years,

    Now I am in a new area and have to get myself sorted.

    Now member of Healthwatch, part of Adapt NHS

    Also I have my first meeting with the GP Surgery Patient Participation Group tomorrow, all very interesting.

    Generally go in for Mental Health Dementia so will look into vuluntary work associated with that


  • Hello Bob you sound very busy and positive.

  • Hello Sharon,

    Always trying to do something although I am restricted because of my condition. Recently moved so I am now awaiting more fruit trees for my orchard, next year will be planting a soft fruit garden with a great deal of help.from my wife I suppose life is what you put into it

    We purchased our next door neighbours semi ten weeks ago it will eventually be joined together and adapted for my condition. I was involved with Mental health and Dementia before I moved, so will now have to wait and see what is next

    Do you have many interests


  • I am a trustee for my local MIND. Only thought I would do it for a short while but here I am 4 years later.

    I really should get involved with something creative I have boxes of fabric that could be put to good use.

    Rock Choir is the thing I do for myself, thanks to ant-TNF!

  • Rock Choir sounds fantastic. Its marvelous to hear about people helping others. I am not very creative in the fabric kind of way but love the theatre singing dancing etc.

  • It's great to hear that so many people are giving up their time volunteering.

    I did some face painting last week for Children In Need and help fundraising for girl guides.

    It was really enjoyable and something I can do sitting down!

    I've got a taste for it now so hopefully I can do it more regularly :-)

    It's worth mentioning to you're employer, as mine match any amount I raise or pay the charity what I would have earned at work per hour :-)

  • Yes it is. It restores my faith in human nature.

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