Still Waiting (4) and other things

Still Waiting (4) and other things

Happy New Year to one and all. Hope it is a good one and a step nearer to finding a cure for this wretched disease. Been in a flare for the last week or so with feet, elbows, shoulders and knees affected. Walking awkwardly anyway because MY FOOT IS STILL NOT DONE!! Still nothing from the Hospital re a date. Have uncrossed fingers as too painful now. Still waiting for a response to my complaint too. If nothing by the end of the week, will write and find out why they are taking so long with a rocket underneath!

Had my appt with the Gastro Surgeon (to sort out the Hiatus Hernia) changed from the 14th to the 24th January "due to unforeseen circumstances". I suppose he wanted a day off. I am becoming increasingly cynical now - but then as a lawyer I always was. Seen too much over the last few years of the way people, particularly those in some sort of authority either real or imagined, behave!

We had a lovely Xmas with a quiet day on Xmas Day here at the castle - first time in many years we were on our own but we enjoyed the day. Boxing Day, the hordes descended - the dogs were so excited as the grand children had arrived and they had someone to play with. Absolutely exhausted at the end of it and my friend and my daughter in law washed up the silver and glasses. The dishwasher did the rest and was working overtime.

New Year's Eve, 6 people for dinner - old friends so we get on very well. A bit of a disaster when a wine glass stem snapped and red wine cascaded all over my granny's lace tablecloth and my best one underneath! Managed to get them into soak with plenty of salt and then some diluted bleach and lastly the washing machine. Fortunately, it has all come out. My granny's cloth is very old and handmade with a very wide lace edging so did not want it to be spoiled.

Very lazy New Year's Day as had overdone it again the night before. Himself went off to the pub for a pint in the evening. I spent time with my feet up, reading and scoffing some chocolates.

For Boxing Day, I had made Mary Berry's Ice Cream Xmas Pudding with toffee sauce and a cheesecake. Very rich but oh so satisfying to a sweet tooth. We finished the pudding off on NY Eve and I had made a fresh cheesecake - still some in the fridge which I will have for my lunch today. This blog seems to centre around food rather a lot!

Seeing my Rheumy in a couple of weeks time. He is not putting me on anything except the Enbrel as he wants to see if I can manage on that alone backed up by Nurofen and Paracetemol. So glad I am off the MTX - what a difference that has made - no nausea etc. Lungs back to normal, breathlessness all gone. Still get very tired but that is the nature of the beast which is RA.

Hope everyone is keeping reasonably well - at least it is not too cold but very wet and windy here but a clear blue sky as well. Very strange. Young Lab on my feet, older lab in her basket beside me. My cleaner is here and busy hoovering away - the dogs don't like the hoover. Well that's my usual ramble done.

Love to all, LavendarLady xx

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  • Wow LL, your Xmas and new year sounded very grand ! Mine was a much more rubbish vomiting one with a bug! I actually feel as though I missed out and really upset I missed Katy's birthday , will have to make it up yo her.

    I wish they wouldsort out your op date, it's gone On a bit. I'm seeing plastic surgeon on Tursday for him to assess where to do my biopsy so hopefully mine will be quite soon and I will get it over with and get some information xc

  • Oh poor you Allanah. My Hubby was down with a filthy cold and took himself off to the spare room to sleep as he was coughing so much. Hope you are over the bug now. There have been some very funny ones around this Christmas. Hope the appt with the surgeon goes well on Tuesday. Love LL x

  • I was glad too when I was taken off mtx! I found Enbrel good, just wasn't effective enough for me. Your dogs look lovely !

  • Only 2 of the dogs are mine. The other Lab is Hollie who lives next door and I look after her two days a week whilst her mum is at work. She is a lovely gentle Lab, a year younger than Berry. This particular day it was very cold and I put the heater on for extra warmth and they immediately took it over! LL x

  • Just like me at the moment, log fire on, turning into a lounge lizard!

  • LL,so lovely to hear you had a lovely christmas.We too had a lovely time. We had an addition to our family when our son went and got married to a lovely Romanian lady and it was her first english christmas.xxxx

  • Hi Sylvi, lovely to hear from you and glad you had such a good time with new daughter in law. Hope you are keeping better and not too stressed out at present. Take care. LL x

  • Well i was at the hospital a week before Christmas and he put me back on steroids and upped my pregablin.Then on the Saturday before Christmas he put two injections in my shoulders and they have helped and we had a relaxed Christmas. I had a meltdown yesterday and had a really good howl and the tension all came out and i feel a lot calmer even if i am still in pain. I am back at the rheumy in March and we will see what happens then.xxxxx

  • Hi LL love your pic. Very please you had a good xmas. Sending positive thoughts that your op happens soon. xx

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