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Has anyone else discovered lumps in their armpits due to RA?


I thought I had breast cancer as I had a very painful and lumpy right breast and lumps under my right armpit.

After a full examination at the breast clinic including a mamagram, it turns out I have nodules in my armpit due to RA. The pain in my breast was a flare up of the nodules.

I am so pleased it is not cancer, but was wondering has any one else suffered this.

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I get swollen glands under the arms when I have had night sweats due to pain

Hello, yes, I've had swollen and painful lymph nodes in both armpits several years apart and ended up having two biopsies that were negative. The first time was before I was diagnosed with RA and the second time was when I was off medication for 7 months and my RA was uncontrolled. It was an unpleasant experience but I was reassured that it was due to the RA. Even on treatment I still have the occasional lump when I have a flare and would go back to the GP if it persisted.

Thank you for your replies, I did not know that you could get lumps under your armpits due to RA. The flare ups are very painful.

Hi, I have nodules in my lung and I am pretty sure they come and go in my breasts too. I had a scare with a breast lump, went for a mammogram, which was clear. By the time I got the results they had shrunk in size, but have flared up again from time to time. I now just do nothing!

Good luck.



Hi, Thought it was just me!!! Have had painful breasts and aching armpits for months now and couldn't work it out. I have Ra and OA. Might have a chat with my GP about it. Thanks for bringing this topic up as sometimes you think is it just me, am I going mad!!! Take care M


Hi, I also have aching, swollen underarms, had it for years. If I have an RA flare they sometimes hang down they are so swollen, also if I get a virus, specially sore throat or cold. My rheumy totally disinterested in this, said it was nothing!! My GP has no idea what to do with me, just wants to give me antibiotics!! I am just getting over a throat virus at present, and yes, my glands terribly enlarged, so I am just going to have to put up with it, though I know it's completely not right. Hope you get better treatment than me!! Take care, lynda xx

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This is my life right now and my rheumatologist doesn't seem to care and I feel like I have a new problem everyday.

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Hi Dina, sorry you are having problems with your rheumatologist, same as me!! I am in despair because my rheumy not interested and just keeps telling me I am very complicated ! I am going to ask my GP if I can go to another rheumy at different hospital, but of course this will be much more traveling, but it feel I have no choice. Like you I have very swollen under arm glands, my GP is worried about this but rheumy could not care less! I feel I have lost all hope, I am 66 yrs of age and my rheumy has written me off. Life is hard Lynda x

yes i had this and swelling under arm my doctor said it was meds causing it so i reduced sulpha and ok now


Glad you had good news but the lumps can still be painful.

My RA specialist told me it was caused by inflamation in my body which makes sense for me as when I have a flare up I notice the pain and lumps more.

Glad your mind is at rest re the big C.

Thank you all for replying. I am still suffering with painful breasts especially the right one where I have lumps under the arm pit. I will talk to rheumy consultant at my next appointment in May.

Soft hugs to you all.

Jacqui x

Sorry, late replying to this post. So pleased you had negative results. Been there following a recall. The two weeks waiting for results are hell aren't they? I too have had lumps under the armpits occasionally, particularly when having a flare. Had more recently as flares have been more frequent & I'm putting that down to weaning off steroids. My GP has reinstated them & they've settled down. First had them prior to being diagnosed & GP said it was hormonal but looking back maybe that was RA first rearing it's ugly head.

I just found out I have RA I have a nodules on my lung and under my right arm I'm really stressed out about all of this and don't know what to do.

I've been to 2 they both suck this site has been more helpful than any rhemy. I have shrunk the lump under my armpit with hot apple cider vinegar compresses it helps me.

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