Shooting pains in my left side of my head

I am sero negative diagnosed 4 years ago, not terribly well controlled since having to come off Humira. I have had very occasional shooting pains from my ear up the left side of my head, sudden but short lived. For the last 4 days these pains have been virtually constant and long lasting. Painkillers don't work. However, I've noticed that if I open my mouth wide (not easy to do) it eases slightly! I also never have any luck trying to clean my left ear, right ear has the normal gunk on cleaning. I intend trying to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow, but wondered if anyone has had similar problems.

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  • I wonder if you could have an ear infection or some wax compacted in the ear. Do you use cotton buds to clean inside your ears? These can sometimes cause problems by pushing wax further inside and you can get infections. No doubt your doctor will examine your ear and sort out the problem. Good luck. Angela.

  • I did have ears checked about a year ago as I thought they may need syringing. Was told they were a 'bit pink' but no blockage. Will see a different GP this time!

  • I have been having pain in my head on the left side recently. I have also gone semi deaf in my left ear. The ENT. department have said they think I have liquid behind the ear drum, and it is easy to drain. Just getting fed up waiting for appointment.

    Hope you find out what is causing yours, I never connected the two.


  • I've never heard of liquid behind the ear, but it makes sense. I have a problem with hearing in my left ear as well.

  • It is only high notes I don't hear not too bad with others. Had a scan to check for nerve damage. It all started with a boil bursting and puncturing my ear drum. No been right since. There was no nerve damage so that is why he said water

    /liquid / or the other. I had heard of it my friend has had it she woke one day and it had drained on her pillow. She is still deaf but pain has gone.


  • four weeks ago I had a Aladronic Acid infusion and have been getting periodic pains in my head ? not sure if it sdown to that.

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