Anti inflammatories

Does anyone have recommendations of anti inflammatories which won't rot your guts? I benefit from ibuprofen but am expecting the gastroenterologists to tell me to stop it. They won't allow methotrexate either which is quite a loss. I'd quite like to go to my appointment next Monday with a list of possible meds to discuss with them.

My alternative is to suggest ways of taking the profen which will do less harm at the moment I take one at breakfast with stomach protectors.

Thanks for any wisdom


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  • Hi Cathy,

    I stopped taking all my anti inflammatory drugs due to side effects. I am curently on embrel and prednisone but I have found ginger to be very helpful.. and also tumeric. May not be to everyone's taste but I do notice a difference.

    I have a juicer so I juice fresh ginger everyday but I'm sure powdered ginger and tumeric will be just as good.

    Freya x

  • Hi Cathie, have you already tried changing your diet? That's the best method I know to help reduce inflammation. Let me know if you want more information.

    And there's some evidence that fasting can help.....I try to make the break between supper and breakfast early supper and late breakfast.

    Having had this nasty disease so long and having had a really scary adverse reaction to the cocktail of drugs I was on in 1979, I have explored lots of non- chemical ways to keep it under control, including acupuncture, homeopathy, exercise, yoga......happy to tell you more if you'd like.

  • Thankyou both. I've tried turmeric with pepper but it didn't do very much.

  • Now that's not something I've ever tried!

    I was thinking of asking you what you would find hard to give up because very often that's a clue to what might help with the inflammation if you did give it only need to try for a couple of weeks...if it doesn't make any difference carry on eating it!

  • Chocolate but I have it in such moderation and when you're not feeling great that's a hard call. Will think about it!

  • Have you ever tried cutting out wheat, dairy, sugar or meat? Again a couple of weeks will probably be enough to see if it helps...

  • I recommend dark chocolate, at least 70%. Much better choccy hit & no dairy. Choccy has some anti-inflammatory properties. But not too much since fats can be inflammatory for some people.

  • I'm allergic to Ibuprofen. So sorry don't know but hope you find something that helps.

  • Thankyou all

  • I can't stomach anti inflammatories either which cuts down a lot of pain relief options doesn't it :-(

    Am OK on Gabapentin though, which although it isn't an antiinflammatory, I take it for nerve pain, but find it helps with general pain...maybe worth asking about.

  • just a thought, but methotrexate by injection avoids the gastric issues. so missing mine but hope to get it back soon. good luck. also feldene gel for specific areas of ain eg ankles, wrists and so on, best to discuss with gp or consultants tho. xx

  • Have you thought of any of the ibuprofen or dicolfenac gels or cream straight onto the skin?

  • I've never tried but I might, thanks

  • Hi

    I have lupus, RA and a Hiatus Hernia, I am on Celebrex, an antiflamatory which has been OK for my tummy. The Celebrex did not cause the Hernia, the cause was Naproxen, given by a GP who did not know any of my medical history 1 Christmas Day. I also take Ranitidine which helps to control the hernia, without the Antinflamatorie I would never have been able to use my hands again or anything else.

    If you do need antiflamatories & have gastric problems there is a range of medications available on prescription, so try not too worry to much.

  • Thanks it's always useful to hear about other people's experiences

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