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2nd Anti-tnf Assessment

So I saw my rheumy nurse today for my second anti-tnf assessment and after a long and thorough examination and discussion, it was concluded that I am eligible for the treatment.

Next the nurse has to present my case to 2 consultants who decide which therapy to go for (Cimzia, Humira or Enbrel) then it is passed to the head pharmacist before finally heading to the PCT for a yay or nay. This means a wait of probably at least a month before I know whether I will get the treatment.

I had big problems with MTX after 18 months of successful treatment and I had to stop it. I then tried Leflunomide which unfortunately my liver took a big dislike to. Since then I have had a course of steroids but am presently just taking one Hydroxychloroquine daily and ibuprofen.

My arthritis has flared very badly and it frightens me how aggressive it is after just couple of weeks without treatment. I have started getting pains in my knees which I've never had before and my feet are terrible with my toes deciding to join in the party too.

I'm hoping for a positive and prompt response from the relevant parties and hope it won't be too long before I can start a new treatment.

Mags X

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Hi Mags have you tried dicloflex or naproxen. Which i think would be stronger then ibuprofen.

You are so right at how quick the RA can be. My knees and ankles have join the party too.

Heres hoping you get your tnf very soon. Sending you positive vibe for the afore mention rugs xx.


Thank you so much for your kind wishes, I find ibuprofen helps me a lot with the inflammation. I remember having Naproxen years back for period pains and didn't get any relief and I haven't tried the other one. I will certainly bear them in mind.


What a horrible time you're having Mags. I hope all parties involved act quickly so you can get some relief soon. It's easy to forget how nasty RA is while the drugs are working and it's shameful that changes in meds can take so long. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon

Paula x


best wishes. hope it comes soon x


Yeah, well that is brilliant news, a step forward!!! Well I hope you hear really quickly and get onto your biologicals sooner rather than later! On the NRAS website are loads of explanations of biological drugs and they have a really good book that you can order for free if you want to read more. I am so pleased for you Axx


That's great news. I know what that wait is like. If you only have a month to wait then you can consider yourself very very lucky. After my second assessment and acceptance I was told it would've a nine months wait to get on the programme. My Rheumatoid Disease just ran through my body. I never knew such pain, however I am now Tocilizamub after trying humira and enbrel. My doc has great hopes that this is THEE drug for me. If I was able to I would cross my fingers for both of us.x


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