Good morning another bad night still in agony when will it end !! The Rhuematology specialist I'm under has no idea of how much pain I'm in .i am injecting fortnightly with Cimzia I'm on 1000 mg of naproxen wearing a butec pain patch waiting for a image guided pain injection to my foot which is now 8 weeks and also taking Arava daily with my anti inflammatory tablets any suggestions please

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  • Many thanks will check it out

  • I really feel for you I've had sleepless nights and feel drained all day and every day

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Many thanks it's a hard road to travel 👍👍

  • See your GP. You might benefit right now from something like tramadol or dihydracodiene to help with pain relief.

  • Tried them all with no relief ??

  • Just wondering, is your Butec doing enough for you? If not maybe another 5 mcg would help some, you shouldn't really continue on it with it doing little for your pain unless there's room for an increase in dose. Or, maybe have a word with your GP (or whoever prescribes your pain relief) & ask if Transtec (higher dose buprenorphine & also a transdermal patch) would be worth trying if you're at the top limit of Butec dose. Alternatively you could ask either for a pain relief med review or referral to a Pain Clinic. I know how difficult the days are when you're not having restful sleep.

  • I don't know what you can use in the UK, and for me, I am highly allergic to Acetaminophen, so that means that most of the stronger medications are off limits. The one thing I have for flares, "urgent / emergent" only use is Demerol. Usually 2 at the start of the pain, then 1 every six hours for a day or so, and I am back to more manageable levels... Used while I ice or heat, whatever works at the moment...

  • I found eventually that Targinact and tramadol were my best relief, we know your pain and we do understand, those that havnt had it unfortunately dont, or perhaps fortunately because i wouldnt want to inflict the pain we can suffer on anyone. Maybe someday there will be a recognisable pain measure that can translate in numbers the agony we can suffer. I actually wondered what a "flare" was, because for 3 years solid my agony never stopped, it then slowed down and i can tell you without any doubt that a "flare" or active period can certainly last 3 years without remission.

  • Many thanks

  • Have you tried Amitriptyline at all? It helps with pain but also has a sedative effect. That, combined with oral morphine, really helped me get some well needed rest when my pain was at it's worst. Hope you get some relief soon.

  • Many thanks

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