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sciatic pain relief?

Hi. My back was operated on about 3 years ago to relieve pressure on the nerves but in the last few months I have had constant sciatica again which merges into foot and ankle pain. Tramadol doesn't agree with me so I've been mixing and matching codeine and paracetamol with the usual diclofenac but I'm still pretty debilitated by the pain. Does anyone have any suggestions as it's wearing me down a bit now?

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hi creaky, poor you, i cant help you, but am sending big hug to you, untill someone can give you some helpful advice,, sue x


Hi Creaky, I, too my sending you a gentle hug as I have no answers to help you relieve the pain but an idea springs to mind with alternative therapies , acupucture or reflexology? I do hope you get some advice that eleviates the pain.

Love Alison x


Thanks guys. It's really reassuring to know someone is out there with sympathy. I've seen a couple of stretch exercises on You Tube which I will try (very tentatively). xxxx


I don't know anything either. However I was just about to suggest stretching, one of the gentler forms of yoga or some kind of modified yoga and then saw Alison's reply and your comment, too.

I'm not majorly alternative but I really do believe in stretching etc. I've been doing it all my life on the assumption that so-called civilised society makes us move funny & I know that pain makes us tighten up even more.

Nearly died giving birth in hospital then went on to have the third at home against all advice just so I could move around according to instinct. No pain whatsoever, not a twinge. Just tightening up can lead to major pain, I think.

Anyway, let me know if you are thinking of having a baby and then I'll bang on about RA!

Do hope you get some relief,

Christina x


I've done some of the stretches for Sciatica (back) and Piriformis (muscle attached to hip). Both can affect sciatic pain. The stretches are fantastic!!!!! Going to be my daily routine now. xx


Hi do you have a link to the best stretches? Or is it best to just google them. Having the same problem at the mo and would love to know how to resolve ; )


This is the one I got the best results from Fiona but sciatic pain can be caused by spinal and/or Piriformis syndrome so it is worth googling sciatica and piriformis to see what helps you best.

Good Luck



Hi Judy,

Just had a look at this and looks good so will also be giving it a try.

Judi xxxxxxx


Hi Creaky, I've had sciatica on and off for years, as have some wonky bits in my one. And my vote goes for stretching and the right exercises. If I don't do them, and sit slumped in a soggy chair, I completely seize up. Some very simple exercises and a bit of work on my posture have made a huge difference to me. So glad that it sounds as if you're finding the same. Keep stretching... Pollyx


And wonky typing finger too - as have wonky spine, not a wonky "one"....


Hi started sciatica 18 months ago in my right leg. Tried codeine based tablets from GP, plus tramadol plus acuapuncture. Tramadol plus paracetmol helped (realise you cant take them) real relief steroid injection in my 'derri air' (that expression came from somewhere deep and forgotten). My sciatica came on after a couple of humira injections. (It wasn't noted as a side effect then - I see it now is). So I stopped the humira.

If you haven't had a steroid injection try speaking to your rheumy team or your GP.

What helped me:

steroid injection (after suffering for a year and I had to ask for it), when sitting down leaning forward hands dangling down and staying like that for a couple of minutes. When sitting down a hot water bottle on my right buttock or a cold bag. Slowly rolling a tennis ball against the wall and over the main point of pain (in my case it was middle of my right buttock) it takes some doing but it did bring me some relief. I did try doing this lying on the floor but was awkward. I did try my tens machine but only got minor relief. Painful as it was - standing up every 15 minutes and walking about the room, also upstairs and downstairs. Leaning across the bannister or across work surface in the kitchen and also leaning across shopping trolly when out shopping. Very worst time was getting up first thing in the morning. Getting to the bathroom was excrutiating, even sitting on the loo so sat on the side of the bed and stretched my back before I even thought of getting out of bed.

Please believe me when I say I sympathise, I had problems breathing through the pain so I know how you are feeling. The steroid injection relief was almost immediate (i.e. few hours) although not total. I'm still getting some pain from the right side and I have just had my 3rd steroid injection as I now have it (or something akin to it) in my left side although at the present time it has not been as painful. Touch wood it stays that way.

Hope something helps you.

Judi xx


According to my son, sciatic nerve pain can be caused by back and/or Piriformis syndrome. The Piriformis muscle is deep in the buttock (very deep in mine!) and wraps around the sciatic nerve and onto the hip. If this goes into spasm it contracts onto the sciatic nerve thus causing pain.

Because I have arthritis in my spine and spinal stenosis I naturally assumed it was a return of this. When I tried these piriformis stretches though I got fantastic results. Sill pain in my back and pain in my ankle but not completely joined up anymore.

I've posted the video up above.

I hope this also helps some of you out there. I can hardly believe the relief I felt.

=gentle stretches=

Judy xx


Great will give it a go and watch out for the 'shisters' ; )


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