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Pain, nausea and odd sensation

Hello all, I have been on the whole going well and just managing things,my spirits were up. This last however has been very different again, I realise they the hip and leg pain is no doubt related to my RA, the hand pain kid a constant but I'm a little worried about pains up and down my sides almost in and around rib cage. I'm due to start mtx injections tomorrow from the oral and continue with hydroxy I'm just wondering if I'm having some reaction, I feel very out of sync again x

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I would mention it to the docs, if its like mine I get inflammation of the ligaments that attach to joints on my back and chest. I think the rhem called it Enthesis, or something similar . There was no specific thing they gave me as he said I just needed to get mt RA under control but I found heat pads or cold pads and painkillers helpful. But find out what it is as there are a lot of things in the chest area you would wanna see the docs urgently about, thinking of you and hope you feel better very soon xxx


As above I think you need to see a doctor just to put

Your mind at rest

Gentle hugs x


Thank you at hospital tomorrow to see nurse so wiil

do I might even see the GP services today as the pain is excruciating


definitely tell the rheumatologist or nurse or GP. Sounds a bit like costochondritis to me - thats inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs. I'm not sure the exact difference but it kind of overlaps with enthesitis (inflammation where tendons join bone), but whatever the name, an inflamed sore rib cage is pretty common with inflammatory arthritis.

Do try and keep breathing deeply though - you want to be making sure that your ribcage does continue to expand properly. If its too painful you can alternate with "tummy breathing", but you really don't want your rib cage to end up with no expansion possible. Mine has got down to less than an inch of expansion (normal is more than 2 inches for my age) and it makes it really hard to cough properly if you get a cold. Limited chest expansion is more of a problem with spondyloarthritis than RA though, as bones are more likely to fuse together in spondy.


Thank you for info, it's been very painful for few days. I have a heart water bottle tonight which has really helped. I noticed it really effected my apatite as had some nausea. Seeing Rheumy nurse tomorrow so discuss further. Getting demo on how to inject mtx


hoping mtx injection will really help x


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