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Hi Just received a letter this morning calling me in to see a health care professional. I was made an award in 2014 but recently I have had to leave work due to my RA. Although my condition is a little worse now I never applied for any extra. Im absolutely dreading this as I use the money to have my car which is a life line for me know.

Anybody had a similar experience ?


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Yes I was called in a year early and given a two year award and I will be called in for that a year before it runs out they told me they are doing more frequent assessment so they can give the correct awards


Thanks for the info. I hope mine will go ok.

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My care went up just send as much information as you can and put clear answers in you application to the questions they ask they are using a point based system they seem a lot better now !

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I am already retired, so don't have to apply for these awards,but surely they don't ask you to account for how you spend every penny of whatever you are awarded? In this day & age a car is not a luxury ....especially if you have mobility issues.

If your condition is thought to meet the requirements set surely the money is yours to spend as you wish?(But maybe that Ferrari you are driving around in Trish is a bit over the top? ha!Ha!)

When I see youngsters living near me getting a flat, their rent,rates & cigarette money just given to them - when they never attempto work it makes me despair of the way our social services decide on how the Nation's money is awarded!

Good luck, Trish....hope you get everything sorted very soon.


It must count in your favour that you had to leave work due to the RA. Stress to them what you can't do, and why you had to stop working. And explain how bad it is on 'a bad day' if it varies.

Just had a letter yesterday to say I'm being reassessed, and I've not contacted them to say anything has changed. Think they just do them more frequently now. Car is my main concern too, would be really stuck without it.

Good luck, hope it goes well for you xx


Hi, I hesitated on whether I should reply but I feel I have to warn everyone, I have RA and Cervical Dystonia was on high rate mobility and middle rate care. I had my pip assessment and I scored zero which also meant I lost tax credits. They have left me with a part time wage. I was going to finish work as I struggle so bad but now I will have to work full-time, I am so depressed and worrying about how I'm going to manage. I can't even afford my medication, I'm sorry didn't want to frighten you just wanted to tell everyone to be prepared as u can't depend on this anymore. I really wish you luck and you don't go through what they are putting me through. I really think it all comes down to the assessor you get and mine was awful. Xx


Did you ask for a mandatory reconsideration when you got the decision?


Yes that came back zero also. I am now awaiting tribunal date. X


It's disgusting, I don't think they have any idea what it does to us all.

Are you being supported by local disability organisation. When I had to go through something similar many years ago they made the difference!

Good Luck!


It is worth remembering that Tribunals have overturned many of the decisions, make sure you attend and don't attempt anything that you can't do on a bad day, we all have that and PIP assessors work on every day being good, you don't answer with anything that makes it sound better and the points system they use is a computer program and that is only as good as the specification, design and coding, we all know how good government IT programs are, not.


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