copper insoles ?

good morning new on here and would like to ask a question about copper insoles..ive recently had a total hip replacement (12 weeks ago ) ,,but i also have atharitis in my knee and lower back ,,ive recently started having lots of pain in my lower legs when lying down and my G,P doesnt know if its to do with my hip , back , or knees , ive read copper insoles can help,,is there any evidence ? thanks in advance

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  • We must have a post about various 'miracle' cures for RA weekly! 😏. Let's put it this way. If a cheap alloy bracelet, ring, insole, etc, etc, worked, would the NHS use them rather than spending millions on drugs for us? So the short answer is NO.

  • Hiya jazzyjam & welcome. I noticed a brochure recently within the Express Saturday mag & to be honest I didn't bother reading it as I've seen them before. Maybe a read through some of the past posts questioning copper in various forms will help As you're asking no, I don't think it would help so I'd save your money. You'd be better off asking if your GP doesn't know why you have pain & troubled joints then maybe he could arrange testing &/or imaging be done to see if that reveals whatever the cause is.

    I hope you're recovering well from your surgery. Actually it may be worth questioning your GP, Surgeon or Physio (if you had any) if your leg pain could be related to that, thinking along the lines of useage & musculature probs.

  • Save yourself some money and get a nice bottle of single malt, it will probably help you a little more, in my opinion of course.

  • Ask them to supply you with a free pair and after 3 months you will write them a review of how effective they were! Or ask to be referred to orthotics who will make custom fit insoles that will help take pressure of joints etc..... mine are fab and I live in them.

    All the best


  • I tried the copper insoles didn't see any change, Lady in Podiatry clinic said they don't recommend them

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