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Copper heelers?


Just been reading an article in one of the supplements in the sunday mirror about insoles called copper heelers theres a few claims off ppl with R.A that these insoles are very beneficial to joint pain etc and a few medical ppl doctors consultants etc are talking them up. Was just wondering if anyone on here has either used them or heard of anyone else using them and if they're any good or not.

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I got a very expensive bio magnetic bracelet a few years ago after reading how groups of mechanics never seemed to get arthritis in there hand or wrists as it was down to being in contact with copper and magnetic parts but iam sad to say I wasted my money but the first few weeks of using the bracelet I did have headaches!

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The bones going up to my thumbs started hurting in 2000. I got copper bracelets because my father would never wear them and he had terrible arthritis in his wrist. Anyway, the pain stopped soon after I started wearing the bracelets, but last year, 2017, the pain started again and seems to have spread to other places, so I was wondering about these copper heelers, but it sounds as if they aren't likely to help.

I was part of a trial using copper. It didn't work for me and not for the other people enough to be significant.

I would save your money and spend it on cushioned soles.

I'm glad you asked this question as I've also been wondering about these. The answers don't sound promising so far, so I think I'll save my money! :)

I've tried lots of different remedies and cures over the years but none have worked for me. I do feel that when we're in pain we're vulnerable and willing to try anything but ask yourself these questions ....if they worked why do our consultants make us risk taking drugs with potential dangerous side effects? If they worked why aren't the NHS investing in them? Why aren't we all cured by now? Why are they so expensive?

People do try to make money out of the vulnerable.

Perhaps for some people they do believe they work and if you feel you want to buy some then perhaps if you are cured you can come on here and tell us all and we can get some too :-)

Love from cynical Legs x

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Hey Linda your not wrong and I kind of agree with what you are saying but I have got to say I saw a reflexologist recently and a few other people and have had blood work done and many other things and found out I was still suffering with gut issues and nasal congestion from ear infections that I had many years ago when I was a child and even though no one I am seeing is gonna make any promises that they will cure my RA. I will say this since I started doing things like tui nu massage and acupuncture etc I would never of realised that my body was so damaged and still after years and years off antibiotics.

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Hi Kalel, if it works for you that is great news, long may these alternative therapies help you. :-)

Love, Legs x

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thanks . I will let you know how things work out for me but what I have noticed is that since the reflexologist told me that I was still have gut issues, adrenal issues etc I can do things like take supplements and other things that will perhaps heal a lot of the congestion that is still going on in my body.

It is scary to think that that I am still having gut issues from the antibiotics that I took many years ago as a child.

I may always be on a small amount of medication but my goal is to remove any of the toxicity in my body and to stay positive.

Hope things work out for you as well.

Now mines never worked but it's a nice looking bracelet I got from Argos so I just wear it all the time

I was told to drink out of a copper mug and put some ionic copper in the mug a couple of the times a day. Don't think it is gonna give any one a miracle cure but I am slightly low in copper so am fine to do this.

My lovely Mum got me these, a bottle of whiskey would have been better, that said, if it works for someone, fair play.

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Thanks for your reply, decided not to bother as all the replies ive had have been negative towards these items anyways. All the best to you.

Chronic inflammation often causes copper deficiency. Copper is needed for iron absorption. Anemia is common in chronic inflammation as well. Really not so farfetched to have copper in your shoes. Ofcourse you can just take copper supplements.

I can't find the original article but there was a story in the daily mail I think last year about somone who has made their own copper insoles with 2p and 1p coins may be a far cheaper way to try it out just google copper insoles made from coins. Lol

The advertisement I have seen also says that the woman concerned gave up gluten and dairy foods so any benefit is more likely to have been from that change than from the insoles.

I read about this & on looking on various websites found that it is usually directed at OSTEO arthritis sufferers....not those with RD!

It's like all the headlines we read " Magic Cure for Arthritis" but they never say what type arthritis they mean....mind you as far as I have found 99% of the general public think Arthritis is Arthritis full stop!

If only they knew!

I've given up taking notice of those articles & just keep on taking the drugs in the hope that one day I find the one that will last for longer than a couple of years!

I bought a pair and was using them and my consultant told me to throw them in the bin as we're

my partners chap has some "free magnetic/ copper bracelets " with some dubious mail order supplement called "arthrocure" at about 40.00 a pot, think some people especially elderly are easy targets, im convinced some of the ingredients will intefere with his prescription medication!!

I would treat this article with the contempt it deserves. Just another money making racket in my opinion.

Why not ask your GP to refer you to an orthotics ? They can sort out your insoles and if needs be you may be given surgical shoes . I guess that may be helpful.


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