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I read a story yesterday in one of the online newspapers about wearing copper insoles. this particular lady suffered with RA but was not on any prescribed medication. She tried these insoles and after 3 months she started to feel better and is now running a half marathon.

Has anyone ever tried these and did they have any benefits? I would gladly give them a try but would give the half marathon a miss ;-)

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  • Hello Grannyshiraz

    I am always very skeptical about claims such as these - on the basis that if copper insoles (or anything else for that matter) cured RA we'd all be doing it and the NHS wouldn't be spending a fortune on expensive meds. I also find it hard to believe that anyone who really had RA would not be on any prescribed meds. So, if it were me, I would rather save my money and buy something nice instead!


  • I think you are probably right - I suppose its just grabbing at straws really as its so depressing at times x

  • Oh I do understand - really I do. In my early days I tried all sorts from magnetic under blankets, to epsom salt baths and weird diets, wanting so much to believe that they would help. It's only natural I guess.

    Thinking of you.


  • I also find it hard to believe but when you are in constant pain(I have diabetic neuropathy) you will try anything with the hope of some relief when medication fails. So good luck to those who are trying this. Me? Well I don't think it's for me


  • Hi grannyshiraz

    You might want to look at _andy_ 's blog on 2p cure for arthritis he had lots of comments on copper in shoes as a cure for arthritis


  • Will take a gander at it - thanks.

  • I believe walking backwards round a churchyard, at midnight during a full moon whilst naked and drinking a bottle of vodka is quite effective too:-)

  • Might give it a go ;-)

  • Haha - I do this regularly, it hasn't made a difference so far!

  • Yeah but not if you're on MTX right (re the vodka!)

  • Quite right TildaT. I do miss a good vodka.

  • And Grannyshiraz. If you do try my suggested cure, I look forward to seeing the photos on this blog! :-)

  • Believe me you wouldn't ;-)

  • Copper has been a folk remedy for a very long time - I can remember my mother having a copper bracelet probably more than 40 years ago that was meant to help (but obviously didn't as she gave it up quite quickly). I'd be a bit wary about exposing myself to too much extra copper though, having had a friend get very ill with copper poisoning some years back, and knowing that it does absorb through the skin, and also having been tested myself for Wilsons disease (which is abnormal levels of copper that can cause serious neurological problems).

  • If it worked they would be prescribing it, there is no known cured or RA!! And as earth says too much copper is bad, you should check with the Rheumies before you add anything into the mix. I know I'm sounding bossy again, lol, love Axx

  • I saw this on f b. what a load of rubbish!!!

    I'd rather go with dtechs idea lol!! (don't worry London,you're safe!!)

  • tried it but the 2 pence pieces left the marks of the queens head on the soles of my feet.

    but i always had change on me when i whent out

    funy how people look at you funy when ya take your shoes of to pay


    regards john

  • the metal in sterling is NOT copper bit a copper alloy Pure Copper coins where last made in 1860.

  • Load of old cobblers!

  • The Copper cure is supposedly for Osteo Arthritis.....On the premise that I'll try anything once I taped 2p coins in the wrist splints that I wear to sleep in, as I have now developed OA in my thumb & first is either a coincidence or it works - as I can now bend my thumb without pain and the swelling has gone down in my finger .I forget the exact date but the coins have to be pre about 1972 as the copper content then was much higher than it is in modern coins. Give it a try - even if it's psychological - if the pains goes away it's win win situation & it's free.

  • Copper bracelet.! .makes your wrist go black but hey pain gone is worth it..after all the drugs dont cure all individual problems....go for it ...

  • Hi all

    The information on the Arthritis Research UK website suggests that copper bracelets (more commonly used I think than in shoes) are safe, but that sadly there's no evidence that they work:

    Having said that, I think Kathy's absolutely right in saying that if something isn't too expensive and is safe to use it is sometimes worth a try even if it is just the placebo effect (though obviously not recommended to try in place of medication)!

    Kind regards


    (NRAS helpline)

  • Hi folks I find a copper bangle works to a degree, but the trio bl is I always end up with a metal rash which causes itching and redness etc, not the green that comes away from the copper , but unfortunately I'm alergic to a lot of other cheaper metals too.

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