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Miracle cure? I'm not really expecting a miracle, but has anyone tried copper insoles? and...... 5inch heels???

I found this site while looking for insoles.

Lots of positive reviews about them but surely our occupational health nurses would tell us about them if they were any good?

Can anyone suggest what insoles I need?

Sorry, I know this isn't a problem page but you all seem to have lots of good advice!!

Will I ever get to wear my heels again!!! I took photo's of my lovely Karen Millen 5 inch heels to sell on ebay today :( maybe I'll just keep them to gaze at every now and then to remind me of my previous life!!! :)

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Hi Wiliby, I've had RA 17yrs and in all that time have only ever worn flats with special insoles from my podiatrist! sorry.

I have had loads of surgery on my feet though, in my experience I would try to keep away from heels. I know that's not what you want to hear but the RA can affect the feet quite bad, you only get one pair ( and I'm not talking about Karen Millen either!! lol!!) so look after you feet.

Take care

mand xx


Hi Williby

Can't ever say I have been a 5" type of gal, if you know what I mean, but I did miss putting on a nice pair of heels when I went away last year. I tried and they were a killer. Like Mand says above, you have to look after the old tootsies you only get one pair...everything about this RA is such a's so hard letting go....

Look after yourself. Julie x



after years of flats & mostly uggs! I am now on occasions in baby heels!! Woo hoo…about 2 & a half inches, little more if platform or wedge.

I was like an Imelda Marcos before RA :(

It was amazing the day I was able to don my heels again :) little things…

You feel finished off when you put your heels on…its a long way from the old days, when I could run in platforms, lol.

However after ten years of flats its fab :)

Agree with Mand though as in feet first, but never say never…

Don't keep the KM's just your memories, use the money to buy some lovely flat sandals for the summer. :)


More a welly boot girl...only seem to wear sandals for a couple of weeks a year if I'm lucky and trainers for the rest! Was told not to wear ballet pumps either which were all the rage 3 yrs ago when diagnosed. Not to wear anything that needs you to hold on using your toes (flip-flops etc).

I did wear kitten heels to a wedding last year which was the highest heel I'd worn for some time and I felt comfy in those and quite girly for a change! I've always struggled to find comfy shoes though and now the RA makes it even more of a challenge...!


Hi Wiliby

Like Mand, I too have had lots of foot surgery. Heels of any description don't come near my feet any more! Copper insoles aren't going to do much for bone damage I wouldn't have thought but correctly fitted insoles can be a real bonus and add protection and support to the delicate bones of the feet.

In case you haven't seen it here' s a lin to a blog I wrote a while back

One pair only ... make'em last :)

Lyn x


Nice, comfy flats for you, I'm afraid! I only ever wore heels (Liverpool tart look 6 - 7 inch heels with platform) EVERYWHERE! I know this will sound very shallow, but I get quite upset shopping for shoes (even tearful). I gaze at the things I used to wear, pick 'em up - can't try them on because my toes are inflamed - put them down again & then look at flatties down the aisle that I'd like my worst enemy to wear.


Yep, not shallow at all, To think last year I kept getting into trouble at work for running around in my heels!!

Now my whole wardrobe needs to be looked at, at my jeans/trousers are too long without heels!!!


Reply do good footwwear


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