Constant wrist pain

Hi all, this is my first post although I visit often as I was diagnosed with sero positive RA about 18 months ago, although was suffering long before this diagnosis. I am used to the flares you get with this disease which generally only last 24 hours. However I have now had constant throbbing pain in my wrist for about a month. The pain does fluctuate in intensity from dull ache to agony (!) and keeps me awake most nights. It does look slightly swollen, although not as bad as you would expect for the level of pain. So this is a new type of pain for me and I'm just wondering if this is a progression of the disease? Any advice greatly received ! Thanks

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  • Morning, wrist pain in both wrists for me- a constant since November 2015 so far! It's been called carpal tunnel - like symptoms and was suggested I wore wrist splints at night. These helped along with steroid injections and then a week of prednisolone! I wear towelling sweat bands during the day as they seem to help: they keep them warm, give a little support and protection. My forearms get very achy too- does this happen to you? It helps me if I use them and rest them to keep them as strong as possible - keep well x

  • Hi Moomin8, thanks for replying. Yes the pain does travel to my forearms too - I didn't connect that until you mentioned it. I've heard carpal tunnel can be a side effect of RA so I guess this would make sense, although not a diagnosis I relish 😵. The wrist bands seem a good idea though - will get done today and give it a try. I have a rheumy appointment next week so will mention this. Thanks for the good advice and hope the pain eases for you. X

  • Hello

    I have wrist pain also with RA. Had an x Ray done and the bones of my wrist have "crumbled" and are now solid so no movement to my wrist. I wear wrist splint at all time ( or almost) to avoid my wrist from bending.

    I d not have carpal tunnel problem although I thought I did at one point.

    Hope you get better

  • Hi Virginied, thanks for you reply. Sorry to hear about your wrist. Yes I guess I suspected it could be just long term damage but was hoping it wasn't! I may ask for an X-ray next week to see what is going on. Wishing you pain free days. X

  • Hi

    After looking at your post I could not believe your symptoms are the same as mine I to have very sore wrists and in a great deal of pain until a visit ti my rummy doctor who sent me to the hospital department that deals with support straps and so on. The straps I was given were a god send as the pain went within seconds there is a bar in the strap that will not let you put your wrist flat this it seems works as the pain is gone try this out as it have helped me greatly.

    Good luck

  • It may be another joint joining in as does happen, particularly if you've been overdoing the joint or as had been said carpal tunnel if it's travelling up your arm though that usually involves tingling then numbness in your fingers. My Consultant described it as ants crawling over your skin, did some basic tests & diagnosed. Prior to this I didn't know for certain that's what it was but I found some relief dangling my arm over the side of my chair when the pain reached a crescendo, it seemed to ease the problem a little, sleeping was difficult. She referred me Neurology who performed a nerve conduction test on both arms), I was supplied with a hand splint but it compounded the problem. This was 3 years ago & I had CT release surgery, thankfully it's not returned.

    Do bring it to your Rheumy's attention or call your Rheumy nurse for advice as soon as you can. For such a small impingement it can be bloomin disruptive.

  • Hi wow just come accross your post. you sound like me. My arm pain is awful. Its not CT, but my pain travels up & down the arm. Hsve you had any joy with a diagnosis x ?

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