constant pain

Hi, I am having constant pain in my back, hands, shoulders and feet, my feet have only recently started to be very painful. I am on my feet alot as I work partime in a care home, and have an alaskan husky who is very energetic, I was told by my GP that I have osteo arthritis starting in my left foot. I was wondering if its usual for a flair up to act this way, as usually my feet arent involved. I take MST, MXT, Lyrica, Paracetamol, Hydroxy, Aspirin.

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  • Hi Maria,

    Sorry to hear your are having so much pain.

    To answer your question about flare ups in the feet, yes RA does flare in the feet. I have had two flares in the feet which then were accompanied by pain in the other joints you mentioned hands etc, but started in the feet. My joints in the feet usually become very swollen (so swollen the skin peels off my toes) purple or red and the pain feels like burning.

    Heat, rest, mess and tic are what get me through. Crutches as well when needed.

    Hope you get some relief soon.



  • Oh and I forgot to say that I have had flares in one foot at a time, then pain in both after the flare.



  • Haha Maria I meant meds, mess does not get me through lol

  • I had a funny feeling thats what you meant, hahaha x

  • Glad predictive text gave us a laugh xx

  • cheered me up a little lol xx

  • Yes, I have that too, but I don't take anything except tramadol when the pain is unbearable. My lower back also hurts when sitting and laying down so, I started doing stretches and it helps my lower back from becoming stiff and sore. I probably should go to a doctor for it, but will wait a little longer.

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