Part Two Mattcass

My consultation went well once the air was cleared I think he remembered me when I told I was not going home to sit on my backside in fact I told him his words encouraged me to get were I am today, His first words were not everyone on the transplant list gets one I thought what a negative man then I looked

( well glared ) at him and replied at this stage you would think I already know this,Then his manner changed he was smiling and talkative then he told me what was happening in weeks to come and when i was leaving he said Mr Strachan thanks for proving me wrong I said and so am I.

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  • Go Matt, Freedom!!

  • Got everything crossed for you! Keep proving them wrong👍

  • :) I love your attitude!!!

  • Hi I gave you a like,but then had to reply well done your a inspiration to us all in dealing with our disabilities we have to cope with

  • Good on you Matt and keep getting stronger and stronger over the coming months, years


  • Excellent response, positivity wins the day ⛅🌈

  • Good for you, and glad he's warmed to you too.

  • Good on you and I am glad that he has a better attitude. You go all the way now!!!

  • At least he had the decency to apologise for his negative attitude. I think his negative response has spurned you on darling and i bet you enjoyed proving him wrong.xxxxx

  • Well done you! I think this is the way we all have to deal with most of these Dr's/Consultants. Feeling very proud of you (even though I don't know you personally) xxx

  • Way to go Mat, so pleased for you. Keep your positive attitude, your a winner xx.

  • Hi Matt

    Way to go!

    What transplant are you having?

    I sometimes think all RA consultants should have the disease for a few months to see what it will feel like. Although I wouldn't really wish t even on my worst enemy!

  • Hi There I am having a double lung transplant I have had IPF for the last 10 years my RA is just the icing on the cake.matt

  • I had no idea. Good luck for the op X

  • High five Matt

    All the very best.

  • matt are you having a lung transplant? Good luck with your future op. I hope you are quickly short listed. And you are well soon.

  • Hi There yes i go on the active list next week after that its a matter what comes first the phone call from the transplant team or the Infection, One i have a chance of life the other is Goodnight Vienna.matt

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