Methodrexate and blood tests timings

First of all thank you all so much for the helpful and reassuring answers I have had to my previous queries.

My new thing is to fret about the timings of my blood tests. I am due to take second dose of meth on Tuesday afternoon and go for my blood test on Wednesday. It has to be early because I am then going on holiday. The question is, am I more at risk of having a high liver reading due to the fact that I will have only have taken the dose less than 24 hours earlier? I know literally nothing about these things but my brain tells me that perhaps my liver would be working harder straight after a dose????

I don't want them pulling the plug on a second DMARD unnecessarily!! Them again I also realise that if there's going to be a problem I guess it will show up eventually....

I would be so interested to hear your take on this.

With thanks


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  • Your liver should be able to work mega-hard without enzyme levels budging at all. It's not that your enzyme levels shoot up when you take MTX and then drop over the week, they only rise when your liver is having a problem processing stuff (alcohol, MTX, whatever).

    When I first started on MTX I was told to avoid having a blood test straight after taking MTX, but over the years I've done so every now and then with no noticeable difference. So I'd just enjoy the holiday....

  • Apologies helixhelix i was just trying for a smile and didnt mean any offence.

  • None taken, us helix helixes have a tough shell....

  • I just wondered if you are related to the Mayfair Helix Helixes? If so this could be a massive co incidence. Do you remember their butler Smithers? He had a wonderful old spaniel called Bert, well i shot Bert when he got past i, made a hell of a mess in the library.

  • Firstly it s a shame that you obviously are not going to Russia for your holidays,parts of it are lovely, it has the added advantage that whilst there you can apparently get a blood or urine test showing anything you want.

    Secondly with a name like helixhelix you should probably listen to what that person is saying, anyone that can spell there name right twice and is named after a complex twin strand of DNA probably knows what they are talking about. On the other hand they may have just been in the pub opposite Cambridge University when they rushed in to tell their mates they had discovered the sequencing of DNA and got absolutely blathered with them for the hell of it and as part of the celebration they got helix tattooed on both his arse cheeks on the way home but was so completely p****d and finishing a kebab that he didnt notice until he woke up 2 days later. ;)

    Fortunately i think helixhelix is a pretty smart cookie as they say in upper windsor (which by the way has a SLOUGH postcode but the estate agent didnt tell me that when i was buying it) and knows his stuff so i also think you should go and have a wonderful holiday but you should go to the £1 shop and buy a glitter pink Sombrero ( from the Spanish word for shade) and wear it all holiday to embarass family and friends).

    Thirdly i would never take my advice if i was you i probably replied while smashed on oramorph and cheap gin.

    Do hope you gigled, HAVE A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY!

  • I asked my specialist nurse about this not long back and was told it didn't make any difference. I have three specialist nurses at my hospital and this one is what I call the head one, she more or less runs the department and if she says it OK then it is. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. xx

  • I am sure that if that were the case they would have said not to have test within a certain amount of time. I am sure in my 14 years on mxt I have done similar and without problems. Don't worry about it. Important that you have your test and mention it when you go for it. Good luck x

  • From experience it makes no difference to liver reading or any of my other levels. I inject MTX on a Wednesday morning & recently been having my bloods done an hour later. I normally have them done on Tuesdays not the same day but I'd been having fortnightly blood tests (new DMARD) & Wednesday was most convenient so I've gone from 6 days after MTX day to an hour after.

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